Etude Op.66 No.30 - Piano

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We have already featured Lev Oborin on APR playing Rachmaninov's second and third Concertos, and that he was entrusted with the first ever Soviet recordings of these works shows the status he held at that time. He studied with Igumnov at the Moscow Conservatory from the age of 14 and in , at the age of 19, he won the first Chopin competition. From this time on until his death he was central to Russian musical life both as performer and teacher he taught Vladimir Ashkenazy amongst many others. Oborin was the 'complete' pianist.

He had a magnificent technique and seemed to be able to play any style of repertoire convincingly. He was also equally at home as soloist or chamber player, indeed in the West he is still perhaps better known as accompanist to the great violinist David Oistrakh due to the recordings they made together. The present CD presents Oborin as classicist in Beethoven, as the great Chopin interpreter, as virtuoso in the Liszt Rhapsody and as Russian lyricist in the Tchaikovsky.

He is magnificent in all. Between and the pianist recorded for Victor in the US but in , after it appeared Paderewski had retired from the studio, he was persuaded to return to the HMV studios in London to make a final series of recordings. Sonata in D major D recorded in Moscow in August Schubert's Sonatas D and D are certainly amongst his greatest, they immediately predate the magnificent final three D and are written on the same vast scale.

Classical Piano Midi Page - Chopin

The composer's piano sonatas were little known in the s particularly in the USSR, and Richter was very much a torchbearer for this music. These are sublime performances particularly in the timeless slow movements, and it is surprising how rarely these particular recordings have been reissued in the CD era.

Thankfully by the later 's the Melodiya recorded sound was much improved and not many apologies need be made on this account. Finale: Presto non tanto alternative version recorded on 2 sides 5. Moriz Rosenthal was from the earliest generation of pianists to have made a significant number of recordings, and he was also one of the more important Liszt pupils, therefore his legacy is of the utmost importance as representative of 19th century style.

In his youth he was renowned as being one of the supreme technicians and, although he began to record only in old-age, this can still be heard in his own two Strauss paraphrases recorded here; still today pinnacles of the most ridiculous virtuosity. But it is for his Chopin above all that Rosenthal should be remembered. In his youth he studied with the composer's most important student, Karol Mikuli, and his uniquely free lyricism in the Mazurkas and other miniatures must surely be considered close to the composer's own. This is the first time all Rosenthal's recordings have been transfered to CD and two recent discoveries issued only in Argentina and Japan respectively and known only in unique copies are included, as is a beautiful live performance from his 75th birthday concert.

Compact Disc 1 Compact Disc 2 To launch our new series devoted to the Russian Piano Tradition we have compiled a special issue which gathers together the first Russian recordings of all the Rachmaninov concertos. Apart from Richter's 1st Concerto these recordings have been little known in the west, yet every one of them features playing of virtuosity and passion rarely equalled to this day. Lev Oborin was a pupil of Konstantin Igumnov to feature later in this series and won first prize at the inaugural Chopin Competition in That he was entrusted with first recordings of the second and third concertos shown the esteem in which he was held at the time.

His recording of the second from was only the third LP to be issued in Russia. Jacques Thibaud was the pre-eminent French violinist on the first half of the 2oth Century and although he is now probably best remembered as a chamber musician, particularly in the legendary Cortot, Thibaud and Casals Trio, he also had a major career as a solo violinist. This pair of CDs features all his electrical recordings of music for violin and piano which does not fall into the catagory of chamber music for equal partners such as his Beethoven, Franck and Debussy sonata recordings with Cortot.

Unfortunately Thibaud did not make all that many recordings with orchestra and although he set down a 78rpm version of the Lalo Symphonie Espagnol it was never issued. We are therefore very lucky that the archives of Swiss Radio contained acetate discs of the live performance presented here. This piece was particulary associated with Thibaud and he gives a wonderful performance, in sound much better than we might expect from such a source.

Two dozen encore pieces with piano, plus a terrific live version of Lalo's Symphonie espagnole recorded in Most of the great French violinist's musical calling cards are here, performed with his usual suavity and chic An absolute must for violin fanciers. Her elegance is perfect for Mozart and the poetry of the Schubert and Schumann pieces is equally well caught in performaces to match the best.

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But fascinating none the less, and those of a timid disposition can replace this with the safer Hummel cadenza which is added to the CD as an appendix. These new recordings were recorded at St. Georges's Brandon Hill, Bristol and give a comprehensive overview of Chopin's output from his earliest published work until his death. We continue our comprehensive survey of the many great pianists who worked in Russia in the Soviet era.

Maria Yudina is perhaps the greatest maverick amongst the Soviet pianists. A woman of great will,. She was never allowed to play outside the. She was a. Bach and Beethoven. She made many recordings, which are at last making their way onto CD, but. Compact Disc 1: Acoustic Recordings Compact Disc 2: Electrical Recordings Michael Zadora is one of the most obscure pianists to have recorded prolifically in the 78rpm era.

Only a handful of 78s have ever been reissued, and no LP or CD has ever been devoted to him. It would appear that his concert career was also not particularly high profile, yet from these recordings it seems he was a very significant artist. Perhaps the answer lies in his background. He was born in New York of aristocratic Polish parents but returned to Europe to study and was a pupil of Leshetizky and Barth who also taught Rubinstein.

After the First World War he became a disciple of Busoni and indeed played for the great artist on his deathbed. Zadora seems to have been a rather reserved character, much more an intellectual than someone who enjoyed public performance and it is likely that family wealth allowed him the luxury of not having to pursue his career too aggressively.

On the other hand, studio recording suited him very well indeed, and he seems equally at home in the standard repertoire, such as Chopin, and in more rarefied material, such as the Busoni Sonatinas, where we are undoubtedly hearing an interpretation very close to that of the composer himself.

Etude Op.66 No.30 - Piano

Of particular interest are Zadora's own unusual transcriptions and also the works of 'Pietro Amadis' who was actually a pseudonym of the pianist. These very rare recordings should be of particular interest to all lovers of historic piano playing. Search the catalogue. Clarence Lucas recorded November Il lamento 9. La leggierezza Waldesrauschen Ballade Mazurka; Masques 2. Pagodes Estampes, No 1 3. Schubert, Trio Nr. Wed 13 February Sevilla ES — Espacio Turina.

Thu 14 February Madrid ES — Auditorio Nacional. Thu 21 February Moscow RU — Grand Hall.


Beethoven, Piano concerto Nr. Thu 07 March Vienna AT — Sophiensaal. Mozart, Piano concerto Nr. Mon 18 March Tue 19 March Wed 27 March Fri 29 March Fri 05 April Mozart, Piano Sonata No. Thu 11 April Munich DE — Prinzregententheater. Piano Concerto Nr. Schumann, Piano Concerto in A minor, Op. Fri 26 April Beethoven, Piano Concerto Nr.

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Wed 01 May Fri 10 May Sat 11 May Beethoven, Piano Concert Nr. Utrecht NL — TivoliVredenburg. Thu 16 May Fri 17 May Brahms, Piano Concerto Nr.


Sun 19 May Mon 20 May Antwerpen BE — deSingel kunstcampus. Wed 22 May Thu 23 May Fri 24 May Wed 29 May Paris FR — Philharmonie. Recital TBD. Sun 02 June Fri 07 June Tue 11 June Paris FR — Philharmonie 1. Sun 23 June Elmau DE — Schloss Elmau.

Classical Music - Piano Solo: Chopin, Debussy, Liszt (Rogerio Tutti)

Mon 24 June Thu 27 June Fri 28 June Tue 02 July Sat 06 July Meiringen CH — Michaelskirche Meiringen. Tue 17 July London GB — Wigmore Hall. Fri 19 July Kiel DE — Schloss. Brahms, Piano Concerto No. Sat 20 July Flensburg DE — Deutsches Haus. Tue 13 August Beethoven, Piano Sonata No.

Sat 24 August Dvorak, Piano Quintet No. Sun 25 August Tue 27 August Zeist NL — Moravian Church. Shostakovitch, Piano quintet in G minor, Op. Thu 29 August

Etude Op.66 No.30 - Piano Etude Op.66 No.30 - Piano
Etude Op.66 No.30 - Piano Etude Op.66 No.30 - Piano
Etude Op.66 No.30 - Piano Etude Op.66 No.30 - Piano
Etude Op.66 No.30 - Piano Etude Op.66 No.30 - Piano
Etude Op.66 No.30 - Piano Etude Op.66 No.30 - Piano
Etude Op.66 No.30 - Piano Etude Op.66 No.30 - Piano

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