The Seven Deadly Demons of Deputy Headship

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I had had a dream six years prior to this visit of the timing and exactly how we would come into the country and where we would actually live. After three weeks of awesome ministry and many, many awesome God moments it was time to go home. The last night in Australia, my husband Rick had a dream. He was so freaked out by the dream he could hardly wait to tell me the next morning. In the dream the president was sitting slumped over in a big easy chair.

My husband tried to wake him.

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It became clear that the man was dead. Then these long spider legs wrapped around the president and talked to my husband from the shadows. She crawled over her husband and came after Rick. I told Rick you know what this means? You and the president got in front of her when she was after me.

Little did we know she had already got the president. On the plane home the Lord spoke and told me to write my letter of resignation. I was to leave the ministry two weeks after returning. I was relieved, and sad. I had never written a letter of resignation before. So I started at the beginning. I prayed and asked the Holy Spirit to inspire me to say what needed to be said. I just wrote. When I got home, I sat down and typed it all out in an email.

I asked the Lord to whom should I send it. He gave me 4 names. I sent it to the founder, the president, my boss with a bcc to my minister friend that I had gained favour with. I no sooner got into my cube and sat my things down on my desk that my boss came screaming over to my cube. The founder wants to see you right this minute in the conference room! So she was not happy. I left my cube and went upstairs to the conference room. I was not afraid this time though. I entered the empty conference room. I was really hoping my darling husband would be there too, but not this time.

I sat down at the conference room table totally unaware of the changes that had happened since I left for Australia. After sitting there just a few minutes the founder of the ministry came into the conference room. He had always been very kind to me, gentle and understanding. I have heard stories that he was not always like that. But he had never, ever said a cross word to me. This day was no exception. He came in the conference room with a smile on his face. I was a bit confused, and then he clarified himself. It has opened my eyes to things I refused to see.

I promise you, that is NOT going to happen. You will leave this ministry with my blessings, in fact I will pray a blessing over you before you leave. He told me he saw my angels in a dream that had spoken to him about me. He thanked me for my service to him and to the ministry. He asked me about Australia and how things went. I gave him a full report which included the church that wanted to sponsor us in. He told me that he felt that we should prepare to stay when we go back.

I told him our daughter was getting married in June, our oldest was moving with his department that was being axed by the Atheliah to another state. Our lease was up on our house in July, so it was very possible we could stay. He was very excited for us. Up to this point the ministry wanted to make us their South Pacific office but I had my doubts that would happen, especially after I heard the news.

The president of the ministry had stepped down and my boss was now the president of the ministry! I was so blown away! This meant my best friend was now working as the assistant to the Atheliah. She pretty much tossed away our friendship and joined in the spy game.

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Broke my heart. She has since then been awaken from the stupor the three spirits put over people. We are great friends again. For the next few weeks I was very busy with wedding plans and training 3 people to do my jobs. These 3 had their own jobs and was adding mine to their mix. I felt sorry for them. That was very clear to me. There was nothing I could do about it. My last day came and believe me by that time I was more than ready for it. I did it with a sad heart.

Time came for my goodbye party there had been way to many of these over the recent months. I walked into the room and was quite shocked at how many people took the time to come. Not only my fellow staffers but the founder and his wife were there. I sat with my family. The founder called me to the front, as I stood there I saw my boss and her spy standing together in the back of the room.

He had me face the staff and he said what he had told me in our private meeting. There were forces that were trying to cause me to leave in a bad light, but he wanted them all to know that I was leaving with his blessings. He and his wife then laid hands on me and prayed for me. The scripture came to mind that he has set a table before me in the presence of my enemies. He prayed over me and blessed me then prophesied to me.

I cried. When I looked up I noticed my boss and her spy were gone. My husband went through a lot after I left the ministry. With tears in his eyes he told my husband that he could not support us in coming to Australia. He said the ministry could not financially support us in going.

The founder was really surprised. He really thought we would not go without the ministries support. He then told my husband if that was the case that he would pay his salary until the end of September and that we could keep all the proceeds from the classes we made and that we could purchase product from him at a great discount.

My husband set his departure date for the second week in July. She continued to try to discredit us. We left America July 15, never to return to live again. I left thinking that I had left the effects of that horrible spirit behind me and life would be all good from here on out. Not long after leaving the country we heard that the founder walked into the office of the president my former boss and told her everyone left in the ministry was fired. However, he did bring the spy on later. I believe to have been a fatal mistake.

I have no idea what transpired or brought about these events. After returning to the USA to visit our family I have had a few conversations that gave me a good idea of what happened. During my visit I was able to connect with my best friend, give her a book and prayed for her to help free her from the claws of that terrible spirit. She was never under the attack from that spirit as she never opposed it; however she was still in a stupor under its control. She is now free and she and her family are doing amazing! Living in my new country was exciting but stressful.

We were also living completely by faith, totally dependent on making ministry connections to survive. But God was good and faithful as always, but there are still those moments you are holding your breath until He comes through. My ability to do simple things such as have conversations, shop for food and drive were majorly influenced by what I thought about myself and my abilities. My self-esteem had hit an all-time low. Every time I would stand to minister I would hear the negative words spoken over me by my former boss.

By the grace of God I would push through but it was seriously affecting my health. To make a very long story shorter I was dying. I passed my physical to get into the country. So how could I be dying? After three years of doing itinerant ministry my husband and I had to stop being itinerant in our ministry because I could no longer physically travel every weekend. My body just could not handle the stress any longer.

I literally felt dead. When I got up to minister the anointing would come and I would minister but as soon as the anointing lifted I was numb again. Crying out to God, he opened a door for us to take a position pastoring a church where we are still currently the pastors.

When we stopped traveling and took the church we pretty much stopped teaching the classes from the former ministry we worked for. Soon we asked Kathie Walters to come to our church. The first year she came she told me that I still had the effects of the former ministry we worked at on me. I needed to close the doors. Even though we only taught the classes now on occasion to our own church. We no longer even ordered product from the ministry at all. I had a close friend who worked for the ministry via internet. She lived in a different state. Over the years of me living here in Australia she and talked often about what was happening at the ministry.

On one trip back to the states she drove 4 hours to meet me for lunch so we could talk about her health and I could pray for her. She and I sat for hours talking about her health issues and connecting the dots to the Athaliah spirit. My dear friend died of a massive heart attack a few months after that conversation.

Three months later the founder of the ministry died of cancer. Kathie came to our church for the second time and she had a dream about me being bitten by a shark and that shark left a spirit of death on me. She prayed for me and it left. I have had the best year since I moved to Australia this past year. Just a few weeks ago my dear friend who was working for the ministry and prayed for the founder on a continual basis died suddenly with breast cancer.

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  4. I went back to the states for her funeral and came back just as Kathie was coming back for another visit. As soon as I got around that spirit again, a spirit of death attached to me again. As soon as I saw my friend lying dead, I began to feel ill. I was sick for the next two days not able to consume anything. I began to feel a bit better and spent some time with her kids and then came home.

    Upon arriving home I went to see my doctor and discovered my heart rate was dangerously low. After a few tests he said I needed to see a heart doctor. He said there was no reason I should have such a low heart rate. The test did not reveal anything except the low heart rate. Kathie came a few days later and said Rozi, you have that spirit of death on you again. You must have picked it up in the states while you were there. She prayed for me and my doctor took my pulse he goes to our church. My heart rate was back to normal.

    She was married to Jehoram of Judah to seal a treaty between the kingdoms of Israel and Judah and to secure his position Jehoram killed his six brothers. Jehoram became king of Judah. His father Jehoshaphat and grandfather Asa were devout kings who worshiped the Lord. Jehoram chose not to follow their example but rejected God and married Athaliah. Ahaziah reigned for one year from the age of 22 and was killed during a state visit to Israel by Jehu and Jehu became king of Israel. Athaliah seized the throne of Judah and ordered the execution of all possible claimants to the throne, except for one of her grandsons.

    He was raised in secret by a priest named Jehoiada. As Queen, Athaliah used her power to establish the worship of Baal in Judah. Six years later Athaliah was surprised when Jehoiada revealed that Jehoash lived and proclaimed him king of Judah. She was then captured and executed. This woman killed her own heirs, her grandchildren! To secure her on place on the throne. She was a vial and wicked woman. The only way to rid yourself of this spirits attack is to kill it. Cut off those who have been overtaken by it.

    By killing it I mean cut yourself loose from all connections to this spirit. I could not be completely free of this spirit until I was completely cut off from anyone connected to it. This spirit will stay on the prowl to kill any off spring from the ministry. The last thing I want this article to do is cause witch hunts where everyone you come in contact with is carrying an Athaliah spirit. Athaliah is powerful and her goal is to destroy ministries not just individuals but ministries and the off spring from those ministries. When she is in operation she will be climbing up the ladder to the head.

    This spirit can start as a Jezebel, but any Jezebel left unattended will birth an Athaliah. There will be a transformation process. When this spirit is in operation, there will be death along the transformation path. She will kill whatever she has too to be on top. Once at the top, she will kill or destroy the ministry completely. The ministry I was a part of is still in operation, but has nowhere near the power it once had and with the founder gone, in essence the ministry is no long in existence. If you have been affected by an Athaliah spirit you will no doubt eventually die physically not just your ministry.

    It has the same attributes as a Jezebel and will be in operation with her and Delilah. The Three Fold Demonic Cord, by Sandee Freed, is an amazing book on the subject and has prayers in it to help you break free of this spirit. Please keep in mind that a person heavily influenced by these spirits may do many of the following, at one time or another, although not necessarily in the order described. Furthermore a single characteristic does not indicate that someone has a full blown Jezebel, Athaliah or Delilah spirit.

    It may simply mean that the person is still spiritually and emotionally immature. However when a combination of several of these characteristics exists, there is a strong indication that an individual is being influenced. Also remember that one characteristic may be clearly noticeable, but other traits maybe hidden and yet profound. A prolonged manifestation of any of these traits warrants a closer look at the individual and the situation.

    Although such people will seem to have prophetic gifts, their aim is to actually control those who move in the prophetic realm.

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    To increase their favor, such individuals often zero in on a pastor and church staff, and then seek to find the weakest link in order to subdue them. Their eventual goal is to run the church. Seeking to gain popular and pastoral endorsement, such individuals will form strategic affiliations with people who are perceived by others to be spiritual or influential with others. To appear spiritual, such individuals will seek recognition by manipulating situations to gain an advantage. Such individuals often conjure up dreams and visions from their imaginations, or they borrow them from others.

    When these individuals receive initial recognition, they often respond with false humility. However, this trait is short-lived. When confronted, these individuals will become defensive. These individuals will often allege having great spiritual insight into church government and affairs, but they will not appeal to proper authority. Rather they first appeal to others. Desiring to avoid accountability, these individuals prefer to pray for people in isolated situations—in a corner or in another room. Eager to gain control, these people will gather others and seek to teach them.

    Deceiving others by soulish prophecy or by giving words that someone wants to hear, these individuals seek to gain credibility. They prophesy half-truths or little known facts, as though they were from God. Instead of a holy blessing, an evil spirit may be imparted. Masking poor self-esteem with spiritual pride, these individuals want to be seen as the most spiritual ones in the church.

    They may be the first to cry, wail, or mourn—claiming a burden from God. However, they are no different from the Pharisees who announced their gifts in order to be seen by men. These individuals may be single or married. If married, their spouse is usually weak spiritually, unsaved, or miserable. They begin to dominate and control everyone in the family. People often think Jezebel spirit only operates in people in authority.

    This is not necessarily true. This spirit seeks to be in authority … or to be important to important people so they have control. It often manifests in intercessors … in people with low self-esteem. A Jezebel left undealt with will birth an Athaliah. If we read what the scriptures have to say about Athaliah we will find that she was married to a king, when that king died her son became king.

    When her son died she murdered all the royal heirs to the throne to secure her place on the throne.

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    She murdered the destiny of those called to rule on the throne of Juda. You need to know about her. She is more dangerous than her mother jezebel. She is out to rob you of your destiny in Jesus. She works under the same witchcraft spirit as jezebel, she is cunning, scoffing and mocking. Or a church, or a ministry … The goal of this spirit is to kill offspring … so by taking down the parents no offspring is produced.

    She carries a spirit of Jealousy and she is jealous of your destiny. She has the same characteristics as her mother Jezebel. But she tries to destroy your anointing or the anointing of ministries … even governments. Just like Jezebel she operates in low levels and is also a principality over areas. She tries to keep you hidden and annihilate you into isolation. She makes you weary to keep pressing towards your goal, your destiny. Usually she comes against someone who is carrying the Elijah mantel, the Elijah call.

    She tries to destroy you and end your mission and to KILL your seed. Your spiritual offspring. And she will KILL anything in her path to do this.

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    So this means if she is after your leaders … you could be her prey just because you are in a position of intercession. She is a viper: a viper is a venomous snake spiritually representing seductiveness and craftiness that strikes swiftly with a fatal bite. Athaliah is usually someone who is very connected to leadership, headship. The meaning of her name is self-explanatory. She pins you down with desire! She makes her victims suffer mentally and physically with desire for her.

    She is the epitome of a Seductress. Delilah is after the favour of God upon you, your family, your business, your ministry and your marriage. She will do all she can through seduction to make sure this favour departs from you and that you are completely neutralized and left bound in shame. Delilah is highly skilled in taming people through seduction which may be accomplished with flattery, praise, friendship or sexual advances.

    Even the strongest of Christians can be beguiled by her, if they do not stay alert in the Spirit. Delilah especially is after people of prominence and uniqueness; people in the spot light, anointed ministers of God, gifted men and women, and those who are in effective relationships or marriages. Her assignment is to drain the power and blessing of God from your life. When this is accomplished, just as she did with Sampson long ago, the formerly anointed person is made spiritually weak and ordinary.

    Like Jezebel, she will fool those around her by being at the worship every Sunday, at every Bible study and every all night prayer. She will be punctual and completely involved in many if not all spiritual activities, as this is her way to get close to the spiritual leaders. She wants his head on her lap.

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    Lucy Fowler, Year Perhaps the most brilliant aspect of the show however was Overall it was a wonderful night for all; impressive acting and exceptional choreography really brought the show to life especially considering it was only the second night. Katherine Bertram, Year On Monday 10 February Symphony Hall, Birmingham was alive with the sound of singing as the West Midlands Federation of Music Services staged its fourth joint authority singing event.

    Mr P Bullas. Worcestershire Young Musician festival where they performed a solo item each at Huntingdon Hall in Worcester. The U16 rugby team had a slightly more challenging season but managed an excellent win over Evesham High. Well done boys. Mr J Bridgens. A number of our students have excelled in their chosen sports away from School.

    These include Henry Talbot. At the end of the morning everyone had had a great time andlots of fun, from enjoying getting the chance to entertain everyone and be entertained by others. It was a very successful morning having all of the schools come together with a variety of ages performing with lots of talent shining. Once again the Prince. So far they have organised and run a Year 9 Interform Benchball competition. Training Centres for GB teams and athletes. Sports Fest was organised to Inspire students to experience the exciting world of Paralympic Sports with many opportunities to have a go.

    They were joined by our Year 9 and 10 students who competitions. We also saw the Bloodhound car, which is going to attempt to set a new land speed record in of demonstrations, answering questions including What some of their robots. Overall everyone enjoyed the day and we returned to school full of excitement and freebies. Department on June 18th to extend their understanding of a jelly baby wave model and investigate UV light.

    Students famous Scientist and the country that they were born Poland and Celsius from Sweden , magic marshmallows England. Students enjoyed guessing which country the theories. Local companies and organisations provided exhibitions, lectures and hands-on practical sessions where the students learnt about everything from pathology and forensics to chemical engineering and helicopter design. The aim of the visit was to have a go at using various ecological sampling methods and ultimately carry out an investigation into the abundance and distribution of species, in preparation for one of their A2 portfolios.

    They carried out pond dipping in order to collect species, which they then had to identify Water Boatmen! After spending lots of time outside, we using a variety of statistical analysis. On Brian Cox thrown in! The students show a great dedication and interest in Astrophysics, attending lessons after school for two hours every. I attended the 3 day Smallpeice trust General Engineering residence and used all the University facilities. I was slightly apprehensive about the course however after the we never got bored because of the range of activities,.

    Finally, as companies there running the activities such as Land to do engineering when I leave school. Ed Betteridge, Year 9. Engineering at University. The courses are sponsored and run by blue chip companies and give students hands on experience of what an Engineer actually does. We had great fun overcoming these problems although our car is more glue than anything else! This has meant we had lots of practice with the glue gun and really enjoyed learning how to use a solar Gilly Russell, Year 9 The Toyota STEM Challenge is a club for Year 9 pupils who design and build a car made from recycled materials and use a solar panel to provide energy.

    Both Year 10 teams battled valiantly, but as expected, they lost most of their matches against much older and more experienced teams. The Year 11 team won. This year we. The club often examines what philosophers and other experienced professionals past and present believe and the evidence used to support in the future. One of the most popular topics covered was on the use of drones and whether or not it is considered ethical to use such equipment in military exercises. Many pointed out the relationship between graphic video games and increasingly accurate techniques widely used across the world and how this may change our historical thoughts on warfare.

    They raise standards through school-to-school support, engage in research and development, and ensure that the most talented school leaders are spotted and supported to become successful headteachers. We are. Mr Brant was awarded Master Teacher status in pyramid schools to help them prepare for the new Computing his focus this year, has been overwhelmingly positive and Master Teacher status so that he too can get involved in support continues until the end of this academic year. Professor Kumar, a long standing friend who had mentored Dr Evans during.

    Headteacher, and was the culmination of an extremely busy and successful year for the school. The ceremony itself followed its traditional format with Chairman of Governors, Mr Butcher, opening proceedings. After a musical interlude of Canzona per Page I am proud to commend the edition to you. In Memoriam around Evesham. We are are truly honoured to have served the school as assault course would be character building and good for your Head Boy and Girl. We will always be proud Henricians and this school will forever have a place in our hearts. Page 6 Year 10 students were privileged to take part in two external exhibitions in June this year.

    Page 9 Page 10 During June the annual Masterchef competition took place. Page 11 in itself was exciting but in addition they gave us journey to the Dominion Theatre in the West End of our great an insight into the meaning of their poetry and an capital city London, accompanied by Mr Winters, Mr Kitson and analysis of language choices, which has given us a Mrs Loh. All of the poets read through a couple of their poems which Page 12 Film Director Visit huge excitement by my fellow pupils.

    It was brilliant to hear from a real director who has experience and it was invaluable to Ellie Burrows, Year 13 were pounding, and cogs were whirring in the heads of us enthralled students. Page 14 Earlier this year, our group along with another eight centre for the annual vist by AS Students. We were all slightly nervous excitement but also trepidation, given the recent weather over the winter. The second day was more challenging and traumatic for us as a group. We were putting in so Students were greeted by their PGL tutors early on Saturday, on the other side.

    Page 15 Auschwitz in Poland. Twenty-one hours later, Thursday afternoon, we stopped and stretched our legs at Tropical Islands, the biggest resort night. The place brief visit to the Olympic Stadium used in the Olympic games. Visits to these sites reiterated to the party that Page 16 Before lunch, we split into two groups. But the walls within the walls, the wooden huts where minorities were forced to sleep in sparse conditions, the ovens where bodies were burnt, the and the underground store room with an old bloodstain After lunch we visited some of the other historical sites in the surviving parts of the Berlin Wall.

    The penultimate visit of the coldness. The house stationed next to a references to Jews. The day concluded with a visit to the Fernsehturm in the Alexanderplatz, one of the tallest arrogant superiority would meet to sign a document they hoped would end the existence and erase the memories of one of the oldest religious minorities in the world. The party endured another twenty-one On Saturday, the group visited the Jewish Museum, part of a plan by the Post-WWII German government to ensure in my mind of the history of Berlin, including the atrosities committed by Hitler and his cronies as well as the beauty the building was to teach its visitors about Jewish culture and open the pathway to understanding that there is more to Jewish history than the Holocaust.

    The room provided displays the places lower down your holiday list, showed its worthy Alasdair Jones, Year 10 Stasi museum which covered the espionage and spying with a drive up the last cobbled street in Berlin and a group bowling match. Page 17 Interact We decided to begin a new charity organisation in the school that was bigger and better than anything before. Year 9 and 10 weighed out on Tuesday lunchtimes and opened up the club to a committee set up and club members began pitching applications for a local charity to support.

    We planned as many games and activities as Jess James, Year 10 vegetable to school to provide a Christmas lunch for homeless and people in crisis situations at Caring Hands students donated pile up in the concourse. Ella Wright, Year 12 many roses and secret cards from admirers to their sweethearts and we had fun delivering the roses during form time.

    Page 19 10 photographers to Bristol Zoo on 30th April Page 20 the studios looming ahead of us. From the initial and stunning spells. A Year 10 student who wishes to remain anonymous Page 23 Maths Despite the weather forecast having us worried we drove ciphers.

    Our group of Year 9 mathematicians had to get chance to use a real German Enigma machine which had mathematician Alan Turing it was interesting to see the Turing exhibition which included many fascinating artefacts After lunch we had a tour around the site by David, our guide. Once again the German visitors impressed us very much with their fantastic command of English and were very gracious Mrs J Brooke My exchange experience in France with my French family was an adventure I will never forget. However I By James Bubb, Year 10 Page 26 to see cultural sites, such as our visits to the Alhambra , which is an historic Islamic palace, and Torcal, a nature many popular tourist cities, such as Granada and Malagawhich included a visit to the Pablo Picasso museum and the impressive Malaga Cathedral.

    By Sophie Metcalf, Year 10 about Spanish culture and language. Tom Simpson Lord Evelyn Oakleigh bass, several percussionists and everyone else singing and dancing, with some interesting harmonies. Incredibly lucky to be touring with these talented, kind, wonderful people in a kick ass show! Loved shooting with Jenny Anderson Photo! Uh-oh, it looks like your Internet Explorer is out of date.

    For a better shopping experience, please upgrade now. Javascript is not enabled in your browser. Enabling JavaScript in your browser will allow you to experience all the features of our site. Learn how to enable JavaScript on your browser. This story has been renamed - it used to be called Sissy Dreams: Friday Night. Friday night. My favourite night of the week. The night when I visit Mistress Claire. The night when she makes me wear sexy female clothes. Free download. Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device.

    Happy reading Friday Night 1: Lexie Bookeveryone.

    The Seven Deadly Demons of Deputy Headship The Seven Deadly Demons of Deputy Headship
    The Seven Deadly Demons of Deputy Headship The Seven Deadly Demons of Deputy Headship
    The Seven Deadly Demons of Deputy Headship The Seven Deadly Demons of Deputy Headship
    The Seven Deadly Demons of Deputy Headship The Seven Deadly Demons of Deputy Headship
    The Seven Deadly Demons of Deputy Headship The Seven Deadly Demons of Deputy Headship
    The Seven Deadly Demons of Deputy Headship The Seven Deadly Demons of Deputy Headship
    The Seven Deadly Demons of Deputy Headship The Seven Deadly Demons of Deputy Headship
    The Seven Deadly Demons of Deputy Headship The Seven Deadly Demons of Deputy Headship
    The Seven Deadly Demons of Deputy Headship

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