Breakdown: Tom Pettys 100 Best Songs

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King, and soul stirrings of Ray Charles and Sam Cooke thrown in. The group churned out hit album after hit album as well. Petty also recorded several successful solo albums, which often included most or all members of the Heartbreakers performing. Far from textbook handsome rock stars such as Elvis Presley, Paul McCartney or Bruce Springsteen, or an antihero such as Mick Jagger or Lou Reed, Petty had an everyman quality that he also brought to his songs, which often were collaborations with guitarist Campbell, who largely wrote music, leaving the lyrics to Petty.

He was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in , along with the Heartbreakers, collecting three Grammy Awards and 18 nominations over the years.

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Thomas Earl Petty was born Oct. Petty had a difficult relationship with his father, and cited a particularly brutal beating he received at age 5 that stayed with him for life. In time, the Beatles would be the map to get there. How did you suddenly have a mohair suit and an orchestra? Early on, Petty recognized the importance of writing original material, so he, Campbell and other band members tried their hands at songwriting.

Tom Petty | Countdown Kid

Mudcrutch threw what little resources they had together, piled in a couple of vehicles and headed west. Along the way, they were invited to stop at the Tulsa, Okla. Other labels turned down the group, which then disbanded. When Petty showed up, he often said later, he quickly determined that the revised unit had potential. After spending more time with it, and going to see the group perform in San Francisco, Hilburn took an unusual step for a major media critic — he gave it a second, much more enthusiastic review, which longtime manager Tony Dimitriades said helped to galvanize industry interest.

The debut album peaked at No. In a risky but ultimately successful legal gambit, he declared bankruptcy, which nullified old contracts. Starting from scratch, he was able to negotiate a label imprint of his own, Backstreet Records. His batting average remained impressively high over 40 years, and he even got a couple of victory laps for Mudcrutch, which reunited in to record a proper album.

But the pendulum swung back once again to the Heartbreakers, and in April, the group embarked on what the band members called the longest, most taxing, most lucrative and most rewarding tour of their career. In August, a case of laryngitis forced him to postpone some performances on the 40th anniversary tour. But after several days of vocal rest, he was able to complete those shows, albeit a week late, then make a headline performance on Sept.

Never been a fan though despite some great tunes. But fuck Dylan :D DoofusWainwright You can't be cool as a ten year old, that's not how it works. Can we play Godspeed You Black Emperor at my party mommy? He walks over and asks 'what you listening to? I didn't think of it as that odd at the time but really - no one ever approaches and talks to you in London usually lol He identified a fellow 'dad rocker' using his sixth sense zakalwe TwigTW The short stripped-down songs appealed to the punk crowd although I doubt anyone ever mistook Tom Petty for a punk, lol.

It seems like an odd fit now, but I can still hear the similarities between Breakdown and the Police's Roxanne. Nice to see some of them made your list. Austintatious Austin - never caught Tom live sadly.

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SowingSeason Thank you. Divaman Petty wasn't one of my top favorites, but I always had at least a couple of Petty albums in my collection. We have the same top 2. Thanks Diva, I don't think Petty would make many people's top fifty artists he wouldn't make mine but it seems most people appreciate him to some degree. BradReligion Basically all of his solo work. After that he leans more into Southern rock?

Tom Petty's Top 20 Billboard Hot 100 Hits

I don't know what to label it, but it didn't capture my attention but he always had the hits, so I was following him even when I wasn't following him. I'm slowly working my way through his catalog, so I'll see if I still feel that way when I'm done.

Tom Petty Greatest Hits Full Album - Tom Petty Legend Songs

People find my accent and dress sense hard to pin down - so I definitely don't see myself as the 'most incredibly british dude'. I guess it might be because I've lived in four or five different areas of the country for extended periods of my youth that I've avoided having a strong accent and particular identity.

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Sunnyvale Tom Petty was one of my first favorite artists, and he'll always be the man. Submit Comment. DoofusWainwright DoofusWainwright. DoofusW reviewing account: end of an er. Doof's Half Way Jamboree. The Last Irish music recs for Doofy.

Tom Petty’s Wisdom and Will Transformed American Music Forever

How I interpret user ratings. Doof's List of a Thousand 3. Doof's Top Hot Weather Albums. Doof recent digs. Doof's Short Song Selection. Experiencing Internet Reduction. Doof's Top 25 'New Artist' Discoveries. Doof's Worst of Rec Doof Largest 'full album' discogs on Sput? Doof's Top 50 Tom Petty Songs. Doof's Top 50 Tom Petty Songs An artist who's been in the Doof listening rotation since the very start, maybe since I was eight or nine years old.

I'll admit I find the early Heartbreakers stuff a little old fashioned so if you feel that era is underrepresented I feel you No one escaped. Close to jam rock here. Solid dust kicker. Tongue in cheek badass swagger with loads of ad lib 'look out's and 'yeah's thrown in. Tom Petty Wildflowers 'Honey Bee' [3. This'll be a fun one then. Almost Bowie or Iggy-like in his embracing of his inner diva. Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers Hard Promises 'The Waiting' [4] Some top class 'yeah yeaaaahs' in this one and a chorus practically begging for radio airplay.

Tom Petty Full Moon Fever 'Depending On You' [4] A really insistent song that just marches along at a constant pace with really singalong lyrics and vocal hooks. Tom Petty Wildflowers 'It's Good to Be King' [4] 'The world would swing if I were king' - Petty matches these sentiments to a grand composition with a sort of wistfulness stirred in too This has a rockabilly snarl to it which is maybe not entirely convincing Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers Southern Accents 'Rebels' [4] One of Tom's most successful underdog anthems - 'one foot in the grave, and one foot on the pedal I was born a rebel.

Breakdown: Tom Pettys 100 Best Songs
Breakdown: Tom Pettys 100 Best Songs
Breakdown: Tom Pettys 100 Best Songs
Breakdown: Tom Pettys 100 Best Songs
Breakdown: Tom Pettys 100 Best Songs
Breakdown: Tom Pettys 100 Best Songs

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