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In Defense of the Prosecution is a mission in Jimmy's Vendetta.

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This is a Gravina Crime Family mission. Seeing that little shit go down would be hilarious, but you know how the Gravinas operate.

In Defense of the Prosecution

The only witness has no protection. Save him from Mob killers to ensure he testifies. Drive to the alley in Oyster Bay where you will find the witness cowering behind a Lassiter Series 75 Hollywood. Take out the two gangsters present and then take cover behind the limo with the witness and wait for the next wave. They come in waves of one or two from three directions: right, left, and straight ahead. Their erratic behavior can often make them hard to hit; you can either "spray and pray" or wait until they stop to open fire on you and take a shot then.

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Five days earlier, his dad, Sylvester Zottola, 71, had been coldly executed while waiting for a coffee in a McDonald's drive-through: three bullets in the shoulder, one in the chest, and one in the head. The Oct. Sylvester had already survived a December attack when intruders burst into his house, stabbed him and slashed his throat. In July , another son, Salvatore, was shot repeatedly in the head, torso and hand in front of his home, but also miraculously survived. The source of all the bloodshed seemed obvious: Sylvester Zottola was reputed to have deep mob ties.

The specifics of this vendetta were hazy - an old score with the Bonanno crime family? A newer Albanian ring throwing around its weight? Or was it?

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As federal agents followed a trail of cash and coded texts, they say it led them back to a surprising mastermind: Anthony Zottola. In fact, Sylvester's son paid members of the Bloods gang with nicknames including "Taliban" and "Scary" to murder his father and brother, federal prosecutors now allege. In texts, the conspirators even described "filming" a "final scene" - with Sylvester as "the actor" and the killer as "the director. On Tuesday, prosecutors charged Anthony Zottola and nine other men with plotting Sylvester's murder and planning the shooting of Salvatore.

They haven't yet revealed a motive. Before his death, the elder Zottola had sketched out a colorful career in close contact with some of New York's more infamous latter-day mobsters.

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His day job was maintaining electronic gambling machines in New Jersey hubs linked to the Bonanno and Lucchese crime families, the Times reported. Also known as "Sally Daz," according to court documents cited by the Times, Sylvester Zottola reputedly grew tight with Vincent Basciano, a. Salvatore also joined the family business in the early '90s, the Times reported. But in recent years, the mob's grip on power has loosened after years of racketeering cases, bloody infighting and powerful new players from Russia and Albania muscling in.

A Very Sicilian Justice: Taking on the Mafia - Featured Documentary

The days of colorfully named capos bleeding out on Little Italy street corners is long past. And Zottola's gambling-machine maintenance company has been dormant for years, according to the Times. It's why the mysterious outburst of violence against the mafia-linked family drew such heated interest. The first attempt on Sylvester's life came on Nov. On Dec. Then, on July 11, , at around a. Surveillance video captured a masked gunman pumping bullets into him as he desperately rolled across the pavement behind a minivan.

Last October, a gunman shot Sylvester five times outside a Bronx McDonald's, killing him on the spot. As reporters chased down Sylvester's decades-old ties to mobsters, a cooperating witness led investigators in another direction. Bushawn Shelton, a year-old leader in the Bloods known as "Shelz," had offered him money to help in a murder plot against Sylvester, the witness said, according to federal court documents. Shelton was charged in October in connection with Sylvester's murder and the attempt on Salvatore's life. But the feds didn't reveal the alleged source of his deadly contract until Tuesday.

It was Anthony Zottola who hired the Bloods leader, prosecutors say. Shelton then allegedly farmed out the assassinations to members of his gang. Shortly after Sylvester was fatally shot, they say, one of Shelton's associates texted him: "Done. After they agreed on a time to meet, prosecutors say, Zottola told Shelton, "I have the cases of water in a day or so" - code, they allege, for payment for the hit.

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  6. Was it the right one," Anthony texted Shelton on Oct.

    Mobsters Vendetta: Mobsters Series 3 Mobsters Vendetta: Mobsters Series 3
    Mobsters Vendetta: Mobsters Series 3 Mobsters Vendetta: Mobsters Series 3
    Mobsters Vendetta: Mobsters Series 3 Mobsters Vendetta: Mobsters Series 3
    Mobsters Vendetta: Mobsters Series 3 Mobsters Vendetta: Mobsters Series 3
    Mobsters Vendetta: Mobsters Series 3 Mobsters Vendetta: Mobsters Series 3
    Mobsters Vendetta: Mobsters Series 3 Mobsters Vendetta: Mobsters Series 3

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