Beyond Survival: Reclaiming Self

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I am not confident I could, in good faith, endorse the construction of a totally distributed, anarchist order in which all people co-determined how their lives looked, in freedom and love for life. Not necessarily. The core reason for my reservations is that no structure or lack of structure is neutral.

Across the people of United States, at least, and confidently, I can say: we do not yet have the widespread proliferation and utilization of, practice with, or faith in adaptive, life-enhancing and thrive-able memes. Lacking these practices for the selective assessment and adoption of life-enhancing memes, we would only replicate the unconscious patterns internalized, interpersonal, institutional, and ideological to which we are accustomed. As noted at the end of the Power essay , just wanting to change is not enough. Before an authentically participatory framework could be meaningful indeed, viable across human societies, a reconditioning process in which exposure to and practice of different patterns would be necessary.

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Without livable memes, we cannot make a livable situation. But—urgently—an intervention of some kind, that meets the needs of today, is needed. This version of U. Systems are fragmented, and are facing likely catastrophic failure. We urgently need to make a copy, like a backup, and reboot from there.

Let them.

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We can build a light government that is once more authentically controlled and directed by the people. One that, like their project to corrupt our democratic systems for consolidated power, is compatible like an app or plug-in with existing frameworks, but takes the patterns in a different direction. One that, one morning, looks just like it did a moment ago, but will be subtly shifting the channels through which institutional and collective power flows.

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We simply create a parallel government. We would be able to use many of the same processes and structures that are already in place, thus streamlining the transition. Also, though, it has this perk: Trump is quite obviously not interested in facts , nor in understanding complex issues. So, it would be like every government office and personnel is using their traditional role to perform various duties and functions—just like they normally would, drawing no suspicion that anything is any different—however, their work would actually be informed by the light government.

Whomever your actual, philosophical or spiritual ancestors— someone in your lineage has tasted the joy of liberation!

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  • Consider it the upgrade our democracy has long needed. A bunch of fascist hooligans and elite buffoons accelerated the process for us. But we can take it beyond their blinding pale. There is a need for a unifying narrative, a set of memes that could provide the fuel to transform the cooperative actions of many.

    Reclaim the Sovereignty of Your Soul

    What might those memes be? Our founding fathers fought for democracy. They had personally seen and suffered from tyranny, and they desired to design a system that allowed people greater freedoms than ever before. We must integrate these two to come together as a nation. We can, collectively, destroy and compost the horrific sides of this mythos, and reinvigorate the life-affirming side. Like a prayer or aspiration hurtled, like a flag flapping proudly in the breeze, we can proclaim:.

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    We can do better for ourselves than tyrannical social orders would allow. So: do we dare to take action toward that hopeful horizon? But how could we freshly reinterpret the purposes of a free and generative society? There are many real, actual, on the ground initiatives that we can tie into a refreshment and improvement of our meta-mythos.

    The sum total of all these actions could equate to no less than a new American revolution. At the collective or institutional scales, we can also model a pattern of behavior that sets new realities into potential fruition. Rolling Jubilee in the U. As noted in the previous essay , there are diverse streams of thought evolving to create better ways of relating to the world. There is a pattern there, a meta-story as Paul Hawken tells in Blessed Unrest. If we can see the pattern of diverse, indigenous initiatives to reclaim power and establish alternative structures, practices, and networks then we can act deliberately to amplify that pattern and align our lives with the story of the people it represents.

    Some of us would vastly prefer to follow a lunatic authoritarian as he and his squad turn this once-strong democracy into a banana republic, than to trust decentralized distributed rule. Thus, to encode a different set of adaptive behaviors in the populace will require cultural evolution, and practice with new models. Employee ownership is on the vanguard of this.

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    Employee ownership seeds microcultures within businesses that follow a different set of rules concerning governance and control. What we lack is the belief in ourselves, perhaps. What we have lost is the ability to influence the narrative, and thus we very infrequently receive the message that we can do better and be more. But I tell you: It is better to betray the U. Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed.

    Recovering from Rape and Sexual Trauma -

    But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security. We cannot turn our back on that aspiration—even as we have let ourselves grow intoxicated with greed, sickened by shallow self-indulgence, seduced by flashy wealth, and made meek by bellicose intimidation…and even as we undertake the long-term process to heal from this all.

    I still strongly believe that we can do it, and I believe that if we tried, we would only see. Many of my grassroots activist and community organizer friends feel similarly, I believe, because every day, we are building all kinds of better systems, stronger relationships, and more beautiful ways of being.

    In fact, like a virus under the right conditions, it could very well spread like wildfire. Beautiful memes have succeeded in suddenly and widely spreading to hearts and minds before, throughout history, and this process is exponentially amplified by the Internet. It makes sense that I had to put up walls and defense mechanisms to deny and suppress the deep seated fear of abandonment. And when my father died, I had already been numb, and had numbed myself even further.

    Because numbing was the only way I knew how to survive. The truth was… I was so numbed and closed up that no one could show up to love and support me because I was repelling love out of fear of getting to close. And, I was so shut down and depleted and so disconnected from my Spirit, I was hanging by a thread, as if life force energy itself could be snuffed out of me. And yet today, I am living life free, deeply connected, and took me a while, but i live moment to moment with an open heart open mind soulful and joyful life.

    I get to do what I love, with people I love, while embracing and experiencing the fullness and wholeness and ever expanding expression of my Unique Authentic Self! Once you embrace and transform grief, you can begin to collect the shattered pieces of our heart and become whole again. From that place of wholeness, you can now open the sacred vaults of your heart and make room for joy and pleasure that grief and sadness once stole from you.

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    You hold inside of you the key to awaken joy and pleasure! Joy is your birthright and your true essence. Will you give yourself permission to let go of grief and remember who you truly are? You get to awaken the powerful spirit that you are to experience inner peace and joy no matter what life presents. When you allow yourself to awaken your joyful spirit, you are free in mind, body and soul.

    You are not subject to any fearful limitations, fall victim to circumstances, nor affected by anyone or anything. You raise your level of vibration and open your heart and mind to life experiences that feel pure, expanded and constantly flowing and giving. That is your authentic spirit unbounded, in flow and free, powerfully coming into fullness in your beingness.

    Beyond Survival: Reclaiming Self Beyond Survival: Reclaiming Self
    Beyond Survival: Reclaiming Self Beyond Survival: Reclaiming Self
    Beyond Survival: Reclaiming Self Beyond Survival: Reclaiming Self
    Beyond Survival: Reclaiming Self Beyond Survival: Reclaiming Self
    Beyond Survival: Reclaiming Self Beyond Survival: Reclaiming Self
    Beyond Survival: Reclaiming Self Beyond Survival: Reclaiming Self
    Beyond Survival: Reclaiming Self Beyond Survival: Reclaiming Self
    Beyond Survival: Reclaiming Self Beyond Survival: Reclaiming Self
    Beyond Survival: Reclaiming Self

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