Maturing with God

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Maturing into His Fullness and Power

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I can remember several men being severely treated and disgracefully spoken about in their street evangelism, but they responded with grace. They never acted offended in any way, ever!

Sons of God Maturing

When I started to witness to people, their questions would make me go back to the Bible. After a while, I realized that I needed to start memorizing Scripture.

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But a sign of a growing and maturing Christian is that they can start to recall chapter and verse in increasing numbers without having to find a Bible. Therefore, the sun deserves all the credit. The point is, we must give glory to God, for we reflect only what the Spirit of God has done in us.

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  6. Any beauty in our character is fully attributable to God, the source of all good and all light, and He is responsible for any fruits we bear Galatians Every Christian should be growing. School of the Word Sunday mornings at am exists to train believers in both their knowledge of God and in their living out the Christian life.

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    Each of our LCC Ministries are designed to help believers mature in their faith as they address particular needs and unique seasons of life. Here are some ministries that exist to further the cause of discipleship:.

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    How has God gifted you to serve? There are opportunities for serving and outreach on Sunday mornings, in small groups, through our Alpha course, in our ministry programs, and through outreach efforts. The pastoral team would love to meet with you and counsel through any issues or questions you are facing.

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    Maturing with God

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