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A hand-held camera catches the writer James Ellroy the L. Confidential screenwriter on the fly in as he revisits some of his childhood haunts where he lived with his mother before she turned up strangled to death and then with his father, an L. The Godfathers I and II , and mob movies in general, get put through the same parody tumbler that produced Airplane!

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In his last screen role, Lloyd Bridges stars as Vincenzo, who swims from Sicily to America to become the Cortino family patriarch. A lonely year-old girl strikes up an incongruous friendship with an older, marginalized loner in this new film by British director John Duigan Flirting , Sirens. Gibson and Glover's detectives Riggs and Martaugh are back, with Russo, Rock, and Pesci on the team as they go up against an Asian crime overlord Jet Li - kung fu action star extraordinaire.

Apparently the film went to production in such a hurry that a lot of improvisation went down on the set. Ludwig Bemeleman's beloved series about the smallest one in a Paris school for girls, the fearless, mischievous Madeline, comes to the screen with Frances McDormand as Miss Clavel and Nigel Hawthorne as the villainous Lord "Cucuface.

Twenty years after Zorro slashed his crusading Z, Mexico's fight for independence from Spain goes on and the original Zorro, Don Diego Anthony Hopkins chooses a successor in a young bandit Antonio Banderas and passes on the mask in this film update originally scheduled for Robert Rodriguez to direct. A year old girl Ricci runs away from a troubled home in Louisiana and comes to stay with her rich half-brother Hal Hartley regular Martin Donovan.

There she messes with the lives of everyone from her brother's new boyfriend to his sexually repressed best friend Kudrow, stretching her acting muscles. When a set of twins Lohan in dual roles - whose parents Quaid and Richardson had split up when they were babies - finally meet, they hatch a plot to get the parentals back together in this remake of the Hayley Mills classic.

Adapted from the 19th-century Balzac novella, Passion in the Desert tells the story of a lost Napoleonic officer who is befriended by a leopard. Lena Olin heads this ensemble cast as the matriarch of a large, traditional Polish-American family in Detroit who is married to baker Gabriel Byrne and is the mother of tempestuous daughter Claire Danes.

Kids Meditation ✿ Billy and Zac the Cat go on a Submarine ! - Kid's Relaxation Meditation Story

Eight American soldiers are sent on a mission behind enemy lines to find and rescue paratrooper James Ryan Damon in this World War II action drama that opens on the sands of Omaha Beach in a colossal reenactment of D-Day and proceeds from there into a tense character- and ethics-driven adventure.

Director Steven Spielberg's grand-scale human drama also features American acting icon Tom Hanks as the platoon leader. The Commando Elite, action figures with military intelligence circuitry for brains, come to life and make all-out war with the Gorgonites, a band of monster figures, and with some of their human toy owners. With Gremlins director Joe Dante at the helm, it remains to be seen if Small Soldiers is a film or just a marketing plan. Sherman Alexie penned this story about two young Native American men on an odyssey from the reservation and toward personal and cultural identity; the film was a double award-winner at Sundance and a hit at many other festivals.

A man hires a private detective to hunt down the one love of his life. The gumshoe finds her, falls for her, then lies about her to his client. Sound like a noir tale? Peter Berg Chicago Hope 's Dr. Billy Kronk turns writer-director in this dark comedy about a Vegas bachelor party during which something goes terribly wrong and causes the attendees to emotionally pick away at themselves and each other.

Buddy the basketball-playing wonder dog is back even though in real life the first Buddy succumbed to cancer in this new pick-and-rollover play. August Ralph Fiennes and Uma Thurman in The Avengers Fiennes takes up John Steed's bowler, brolly, and inimitability; Thurman slips into Emma Peel's black leather and cool smarts in this s re-invention of the trippy-cool s television series.

Connery also stars, trying on the black hat, as evil Sir August DeWynter. Set against the romantic imagery of old Hollywood, this visually eye-catching film tells the story of a modern gay romance between a photographer and a musician as it struggles to bloom amid the Hollywood ideal. The half-vampire, half-human vampire hunter Blade, of comic book fame, comes to the big screen in this action sci-fi thriller. Snipes is the lone wolf anti-hero, Dorff the powerful vampire overlord whose toothy army of darkness is poised to conquer the earth and bring the era of humankind to an apocalyptic end.

When said friend finds out, he takes the news badly and proceeds to frame Clay for his own death - as a horrified Clay looks on. D: Barry J. Adolph Hitler is boldly re-imagined in this film that probes what might have happened inside the Fuhrer's mind if after World War II he had lived and was left to contemplate his deeds, his myth, and the man he really was.

August 7. Christopher wrote and directed this story of working class Jersey kid Phillipe making it as a bartender at the one-time center of the disco universe - Studio Myers, in his first dramatic role, plays Steve Rubell, the club's real-life co-owner, who, in this fictionalized account, turns innocent Phillipe into a debauched stud. A young Jewish woman in s London uses her wiles to experience the world at large, support her family, and acquire the skills to become a celebrated photographer.

James Urbaniak in Henry Fool Hal Hartley's new film pairs an unassuming garbageman with an egomaniacal writer to examine the responsibilities of influence and the possibilities of originality. A couple of hardened French street kids escape into a doomed romantic idyll on the French Riviera in this low-budget French indie whose antecedents include The Blows , Pierrot le Fou , and Pixote.

Gary Gray; with Samuel L. When a police department hostage negotiator is falsely accused, he uses his specialized skills to buy himself some time and attention and holds the whole I. Gary Gray. Hope Davis The Daytrippers plays a night-shift nurse who's been dumped by her activist boyfriend and finds a new life of romance and friendship with the respondees to her personal ad; the film is written and directed by The Darien Gap 's Brad Anderson. One of the big Sundance hits, this visually audacious, low-budget science fiction thriller follows a lonely genius on the verge of decoding the numerical pattern beneath the ultimate system of ordered chaos - the stock market.

Even as he is finding order in the chaos, however, chaos is overtaking his world in the form of murderous Wall Street commandos and Jewish Kabbalah thugs, who want him to unlock the maddening secrets of their ancient mystic texts. Early August. A French woman in her 40s has a deliriously happy affair with a man in his 20s, but the ugly demise of the affair ends up threatening her marriage, her work, and her self-esteem; the film's title comes from the poet Ovid and roughly translates as, "after sex, man is left sad.

In the second film pairing this summer of Vince Vaughn and Joaquin Phoenix the other is Clay Pigeons , they play young Americans whose drug crime in Malaysia proves to have long-lasting after-effects; the film title was changed from Force Majeure. An action-comedy pairing kinetic wonder Jackie Chan with funny guy Chris Tucker, here playing a rogue LAPD officer who keeps tabs on Chan's Hong Kong police detective, who has come to America to solve a kidnapping and avert an international crisis.

What is it like to grow up on the wrong side of the zip code? This comedy set in the mid-Seventies charts the lifestyle of the "nomads of divorce" through its focus on one family living out of its element and a teenager who suddenly discovers that she's "stacked. In this story hatched by De Palma and his frequent collaborator screenwriter David Koepp, Nicolas Cage plays a corrupt Atlantic City cop trying to nail the assassin who took out the U.

With the packed arena closed off to trap the killer inside, De Palma may have found his most elaborate set-piece yet. Her growing passion for music since childhood, laid the foundation for a career in music as a ProTools Engineer in recording studios, and later, a Sound Editor for film and TV. Meanwhile, fitness, health and wellness still held a prominent focus in her life. The universal connection and healing power of music, the combination of fine- tuned instruments creating a song, and the vibrations of songs touching our soul, reminded her of how we all relate to each other being our own instrument in this world.

When we are in tune, our body, mind and spirit are in harmony. We connect to what is the essence of our being, our purpose, and our inner song. In harmony, we flow lovingly and effortlessly in our personal life, with those around us, and through this ever- changing world. Your health is connected to the health of society.

Time to change the world, and to know what your part is now. Each of us has a personal calling that is as unique as a fingerprint. We are vibrational energy, intertwined, and part of a whole. Jin Shin Jyutsu helps us to find our tone, the perfect expression of harmony that exists within everyone. This healing art ties in perfectly with sound healing. Caressa uses a collection of instruments creating a cosmic symphony of metal and hz tuning crystal vessels, tuning forks, voice, drums, rhythmic breathing, and more.

These instruments emit different healing tone frequencies bathing you in the vibrations of soothing sonic resonance that creates harmony, which restores and realigns the body, and can even shift one into altered states of consciousness. To Caressa, what is most Divine is Love. Love can move mountains, has the power to heal…the power to bring people together…the power to change our world.

Be all the love you are, participate in the evolution of your Being and our planet, be the best you can be, and make a conscious effort to make a difference in our world. Be contagious in kindness. Michael's visual mixing, projection mapping, and custom animated music videos have enhanced the live performances of countless artists. He has appeared for hundreds of performances at nearly every venue in the LA area. As a founder of Visual Reality, Michael continues to explore new forms of expression - expanding into projection domes, VR, and augmented art.

Michael is the true embodiment of a modern-day wizard, using technology and creativity to transform reality. Art Walk Radhika Hersey art walk curator. After graduating with a BFA at California College of the Arts in San Francisco, she returned to Los Angeles to continue to share the healing influence of art through teaching and community. For more than two decades her personal painting, projects, volunteer commitments, and community involvement have included teaching art to children, workshops, nonprofit collaborations, curating, facilitating other artists, painting large scale murals, oil painting, and body painting.

In her and her brother, Jimmy Bleyer, co-founded the Temple of Visions Gallery and Sacred Space, a hub for art, music, workshops, and panel discussions. Her role as an artist, curator, and events coordinator has helped to bridge the gap between many different communities, as well as the International Visionary Art culture and L. Photo credit: Watchara Autumn Skye Artist. I believe that the role of the artist is especially crucial at this challenging and exciting time.

While the world is at the precipice of momentous change, artworks have the potential to be maps, and these maps can help guide humanity forward into new and positive ways of seeing and being. Through creativity we have the opportunity to transmute shadow and pain into visions of healing and wholeness. And so, I offer my artwork as a mirror, both an intimate personal refection and a grand archetypical revelation. Within these visions, may each viewer recognize their own sacred heart and cosmic divinity. And, through this recognition, may we remember the innate grace that dwells within.

Autumn Skye's childhood was spent traveling the boundlessly majestic landscapes of North America, developing a deep wonder for nature and the diversity of humanity. She's been translating this inspiration through artwork since she was old enough to hold a pencil. Recognizing her curious imagination, creativity was always supported by her family. Autumn Skye's meticulous and poignant paintings continue to gain expanding recognition, attracting collectors and students from around the globe.

As a self-taught artist, she has dedicated innumerable hours in creative exploration. Her style gracefully weaves together refined realism, iconic imagery, profound symbolism, and subtle geometries. She teaches and exhibits worldwide, and otherwise now lives and paints on the beautiful Sunshine Coast of BC, Canada. Considering herself immensely blessed, Autumn Skye strives to support others through inspiration and creative empowerment. Mear One Graffiti Artist. Ultimately I seek to create portals that open to the infinite possibilities of being and expressing, so that we may remember and re-discover who we are, where we originate from and where we are headed.

Amanda Sage is at the forefront of a new breed of visionary artists using art as a tool for personal, spiritual and planetary growth and transformation. Born in Denver, Colorado; her adventurous spirit carried her to Bali, then on to Vienna, Austria to study classical painting with Michael Fuchs, resulting in becoming a long time painting assistant to Ernst Fuchs.

When LinZy creates a piece of art she usually uses colours from the entire spectrum in order to create a visual balance that sings to the eyes, soul, and entire chakra system. Mai Lill Artist. I became continuously captivated by the color.

Pendants & Chandeliers

Even an overcast sunrise, had such subtle variations in color that even as pastels or neutrals were so rich in their purity. When I graduated highschool I began studying art on my own at home and found I enjoyed preparing all the colors for the paintings myself. I would mix all the colors, including black, from the primaries red, yellow, blue, and white. Any color you see in this exhibition was hand mixed from these four. I never expected to be painting the ocean. To me, the ocean itself is an expression of color and light. As if formless, unattainable and only able to be found by the eye.

I began going to the ocean myself and was struck by the immensity of it all. Sitting at the shore is just as being covered and surrounded by color and light. The water, sand, and sky all unable to be held by the hand. I have found the ocean as a reflection in all of the color.

Each painting in this collection is a singular moment that makes up a larger experience. I found that each moment would clearly show who I am by how my work would present itself. Each loose paint stroke, pristinely executed blend of sky, or layered ocean was an example of that present state of being, of who I was in that moment. My display of this would represent my playfulness, seriousness, laziness, inspiration, or discipline.

I know as I continue to paint these and new subject matters, the work as a whole will be an art of who I am in the development of my expression, self discipline and freedom. Quincy Clemons Artist.

The 100 Pages That Shaped Comics

Visually he is well known for his juxtaposition of the saccharine and satanic, personifying the invisible forces that guide human nature In the same way, he works with ideas, pulling possibilities from a place of fantasy and employing an almost magical ability to create space for those ideas to be discussed and made practical. Seeking to be more than just the renderings on the canvas, he hopes to facilitate an environment that is culturally and imaginatively intoxicating in his new home in Los Angeles, California.

Psychotronic Solutions. His paintings are his means of disclosure. Since he was a child Vajra was mesmerized by the dazzling beauty and complexity of life and equally distraught by its destruction. It is this fierce love that motivates him as an artist - his brush is moved by the joy and sorrow of our planet. Through his art he shares his philosophy and knowledge spanning fields ranging from extraterrestrials and ancient civilizations to zero-point energy, hyperdimensional physics, higher density beings and the balance of light and dark.

He views most of his paintings as actual portals into other dimensions, and that the entities depicted therein are our allies in growth and evolution. Each painting begins with a story, which Vajra tells as wholly as possible in a language beyond words. While he openly shares these stories at his website altaroftheheart. May his art find a place at the altar of your heart. Analy Nakat. Michael Bernard Beckwith, Dr. All of our tea is directly sourced from farms across Asia to insure high quality tea and ethical production. With a heavy focus on education, we hope to raise the standards of consumption in more than just tea.

Understanding what we put into our body and how it effects us on physical and energetic levels will help us to become more aware of our own behavior and impacts on the world we live in. We look forward sitting and sharing a cup or two of tea with you! Director Kelly Noonan Gores' documentary takes us on a scientific and spiritual journey where we discover that our thoughts, beliefs, and emotions have a huge impact on our health and ability to heal.

The latest science reveals that we are not victims of unchangeable genes, nor should we buy into a scary prognosis. The fact is we have more control over our health and life than we have been taught to believe. This film will empower you with a new understanding of the miraculous nature of the human body and the extraordinary healer within us all. HEAL not only taps into the brilliant minds of leading scientists and spiritual teachers, but follows three people on actual high stakes healing journeys.

Healing can be extremely complex and deeply personal, but it can also happen spontaneously in a moment. Through these inspiring and emotional stories we find out what works, what doesn't, and why. A Prayer for Compassion is a feature length documentary that strives to inspire and encourage those already on a religious or spiritual path, to expand their circle of compassion to embrace all life, regardless of species, and make choices in alignment with this value. Oh, but how things change. Today his books are read all over the world and his speaking events are watched by thousands on every continent.

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Because what he has been so derided for saying is now happening in world events and even mainstream scientists are concluding that reality is indeed a simulation. Reproduction experiments. Memories of seeing children off-planet. The idea of humans participating in an alien hybrid program sounds absurd until you talk to people who have experienced it. Thousands around the world have had reproductive experiments carried out against their will.

The most harrowing? Unexplained pregnancies that terminate without explanation. The memories of what happened remain suppressed and fragmented, leaving experiencers confused, depressed and with a profound sense of loss. In others, the memories are visceral and emotionally disturbing. Thanks to increased acceptance, more people are coming forward with their frightening experiences.

Are aliens involved in a complex hybridization project where humans are used to cultivate a hybrid population? Extraordinary: The Seeding tells stories through one-on-one interviews with abductees- brave individuals sharing intensely personal and emotional stories. This is a day filled with speakers, workshops, yoga, influential art, healing tents and vegan food to help promote a healthy lifestyle and live a pure enlightened life path. Imagine a child coming home and teaching their parents about sustainability, the environment and other mindful, conscious awareness.

Check our calendar throughout the year for these monthly events. DisclosureFestTM has been hosting tree plantings and forest restorations and restoring waterways in the local mountains. These events bring like minded people of all ages together to understand the ecosystem, learn how to preserve our environment by removing invasive species and creating a safe and healthy habitat for our wildlife. DisclosureFest has successfully planted or maintained over trees. We plan to expand these volunteer events with an ambitious goal of planting over 10, trees in the Santa Monica mountains, Angeles Crest mountains.

DisclosureFestTM has hosted monthly beach cleanups coordinating between — 1, volunteers at beaches in Los Angeles, Washington DC and other cities to collect trash and debris along our shores and rivers. We successfully picked up over 10, pounds of trash to help keep our beaches clean and preserve marine wildlife. The amount of negligence of human waste products running into our rivers, the exposure of radiation from leaks in nuclear energy plants and tons of trash going into our oceans daily is catastrophic. It is paramount that we keep the focus on cleaning and restoring our beaches and marine habitat.

A plant-based kitchen and workshop event to help the homeless in our local cities.


We will be working to bring together conscious volunteers and organizations to provide free vegan food, showers, clothes, counseling, meditations and workshops to help raise awareness to our homeless population here in Los Angeles. We are an initiative and community based nonprofit platform that unites like-minded people in an effort to raise consciousness, education on health and wellness and to create awareness of global environmental and humanitarian initiatives with volunteer based programs.

We would appreciate any contributions large or small in helping us continue to produce our community initiatives. Please visit our profile on GuideStar. Hit enter to search or ESC to close. The Mass Meditation Initiative. Los Angeles State Historic Park. Sponsorship Opportunity. Plan Your Travel. Nahko continues to gather dedicated members of his global Medicine Tribe of likeminded fans as he spreads his positive and powerful musical message.

Coming together in the late '90s after connecting through the legendary Moontribe scene, today the duo enjoys a reputation as one of the most pioneering and prolific downtempo, psy-bass, and tribal trance acts in the United States. Desert Dwellers have toured extensively across six continents, spent a 7-week stretch on the road with renowned psychedelic artist Shpongle, and have performed at dozens of festivals, most notably Shambhala, Lightning in a Bottle, Envision, Coachella, Rainbow Serpent, and Boom. Taking a new approach to digital production, Amani and Treavor have combined the raw sounds of the natural world while skillfully blended deep bass, earthy percussion, etheric voices and cross-cultural instrumentation into sonic incense for the mind and body.

Reared among the three cultures of Brazil, Mexico and the U. Ashley Klein is a dancer, retreat facilitator, and music business manager based in Sedona, Arizona. Her movement background ranges from pointe shoes to pom pons, with a current focus on African diaspora dances and Dancing Freedom facilitation, and has taught at numerous retreats and festivals including Lightning in a Bottle and Symbiosis.

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A world premier visionary-inspirational vocalist, musician, and songwriter, Kiyoshi, has a deep passion for empowering humanity. Kiyoshi and his band engage audiences worldwide with a highly interactive and authentic stage performance, getting the crowd dancing and moving like no other. Lizzy Jeff is the Hempress healer of an emerging renaissance, dedicated to elevating consciousness through art music and high vibrations. Srikala combines original production with live vocals and percussion to move the dance floor through the sounds of hip hop, reggae, dub, world beats, and sacred mantras.

Jamie Schwabl Wulfpack. Jamie Schwabl is a music lover, DJ and producer. She encompasses many different elements in her sound. There she found her voice and her path as a conscious artist. Scans revealed some urine accumulation in his bladder, but this seemed to be re-absorbed by the body because it was never passed. While the results secured him an international following, they failed to offer any concrete answers. As a result, Dr Shah and the military team decided to repeat the experiment this year.

So, on April 22, Mr Jani re-entered the hospital for 15 days of tests. They ended on Thursday afternoon with doctors admitting that they were baffled by what they had seen. The doctors announced that despite apparently living on thin air for two weeks, the holy man was more healthy than someone half his age. Blood tests, hormone profiles, MRIs and angiographs imaging tests of the blood vessels all pointed to the conclusion that Mr Jani had not needed to eat, drink or use the toilet once. He is healthy, his mind is sharp. To my knowledge, that is medically unprecedented.

This particular hospital, led by this particular doctor, keeps on making these claims without ever producing evidence or publishing research. Mr Edamaruku is convinced that Mr Jani must have had access to food and water at the hospital, and does not believe that he was kept under strict supervision around the clock.

He says that whenever the Rationalist Association has investigated individuals making similar claims, all have been exposed as frauds. In , they investigated a woman who claimed that she was the reincarnation of another Hindu goddess. For five years, she had remained alone in a small closet where it was claimed she had not eaten nor passed any urine or faeces. In co-operation with the police, investigators from the association searched the room, finding a toilet hidden behind a shelf and a disguised hole through which she received food.

Blood tests revealed the presence of glucose, indicating the intake of food. To further prove the case, a gas was released into the room that made the woman vomit. The contents of her stomach were found to include pieces of recently-eaten chapatti and potatoes. Mr Edamaruku is concerned that by publicising the activities of individuals such as Mr Jani, others will be encouraged to copy.

We may never know the truth, but until he is exposed as a fraud, perhaps we should enjoy suspending our disbelief and give Mr Jani the benefit of the doubt.

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The man who says he hasn't eaten or drunk for 70 years: Why are eminent doctors taking him seriously? Seven decades: Mr Jani claims he had a religious experience as a teenager. Share or comment on this article: The man who says he hasn't eaten or drunk for 70 years: Why are eminent doctors taking him seriously? Bing Site Web Enter search term: Search.

Courteney Cox poses for snap with co-stars Jennifer Aniston and Matt LeBlanc as they enjoy a 'rare' cosy dinner date at her home 'She said oui! Gangland killings, family honour, illicit affairs Singer plants a kiss on wife on romantic picnic in LA park Katie Holmes looks like the ultimate style star in a silky slip dress as she steps out at an event in New York - after earning viral fame for her post-breakup fashion wins Kaitlynn Carter stuns in spaghetti-strap dress at Rachel Zoe Box Of Style dinner Today's headlines Most Read Extinction Rebellion hold 'opening ceremony' and reveal plan to bring London to a halt for two weeks Abuse victim was raped by more than men in seven-year ordeal that began when she was 11 but she was the Fans queue in cold and rain for three days to snap up limited edition Adidas trainers that are already

Code Billy: 75 Real Life Meditations Code Billy: 75 Real Life Meditations
Code Billy: 75 Real Life Meditations Code Billy: 75 Real Life Meditations
Code Billy: 75 Real Life Meditations Code Billy: 75 Real Life Meditations
Code Billy: 75 Real Life Meditations Code Billy: 75 Real Life Meditations
Code Billy: 75 Real Life Meditations Code Billy: 75 Real Life Meditations
Code Billy: 75 Real Life Meditations Code Billy: 75 Real Life Meditations
Code Billy: 75 Real Life Meditations Code Billy: 75 Real Life Meditations
Code Billy: 75 Real Life Meditations Code Billy: 75 Real Life Meditations

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