Flirting with Fangs (Halloween)

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She needs this apartment, and not even a fire-breathing dragon with his Irish charm and scorching good looks is going to scare her away. Holing up in their respective corners, a battle of wills ensues. Who will be the first to blink Praise for Ashlyn Chase's Flirting with Fangs series: "Hot sex scenes and a breezy tone with a nice, happily-ever-after. Truly entertaining.

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Published on. Flowing text, Google-generated PDF. Best For. Web, Tablet, Phone, eReader. Content Protection. Read Aloud. Learn More. Flag as inappropriate. It syncs automatically with your account and allows you to read online or offline wherever you are. Please follow the detailed Help center instructions to transfer the files to supported eReaders. Continue the series. See more. Flirting Under a Full Moon. Book 1. Never Cry Werewolf Brandee has been dumped in every way possible, but by text is the last straw.

How to Date a Dragon. Book 2. Let the Sparks Fly Bliss Russo thought nothing exciting ever happened in her life. More in paranormal romance. Accidentally Dead, Again. Book 6. He was just looking for a night of fun. What he got was an eternity of trouble. Night's Promise. They are an obsession. Night after night, she dresses in black and immerses herself in L. Searching for a lover who is more than a man. A creature of the dark who lusts for her blood.

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A legend who lives in the shadows and not just her dreams. Then, one fateful night, she meets him. Derek Blackwood is no ordinary vampire. Descended from a bloodline as old as Cleopatra, and blessed with unearthly powers of seduction, he is everything Sheree wished for--and more. When he takes her in his arms, she is powerless. When he kisses her neck, she is his. But when the full moon rises--and passions flare--something is unleashed in Derek that he's never felt before. Something wild. Something dangerous. Something no vampire can control or stop.

Night's Touch. Cara DeLongpre wandered into the mysterious Nocturne club looking for a fleeting diversion from her sheltered life. Instead she found a dark, seductive stranger whose touch entices her beyond the safety she's always known and into a heady carnal bliss.

Flirting with Fangs

A year ago, Vincent Cordova believed that vampires existed only in bad movies and bogeyman stories. That was before a chance encounter left him with unimaginable powers, a hellish thirst, and an aching loneliness he's sure will never end. Cara's beauty and bewitching innocence call to his mind, his heart. For Vincent senses the Dark Gift shared by Cara's parents, and the lurking threat from an ancient and powerful foe. And he knows that the only thing more dangerous than the enemy waiting to seek its vengeance is the secret carried by those Cara trusts the most.

Darkness Revealed.

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Book 4. Since then, Anna has become filled with unearthly power she can't begin to comprehend. And the sexy, charming vampire responsible has eluded all of her efforts to track him down, until now. But one thing hasn't changed--his body's response to her is as urgent as ever.

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Now, commanded by the Oracles to keep watch over Anna, Cezar finds himself torn between his need to protect her--and to possess her. Or dangerous is what they will face. This Sailor will rock the boat and have you obeying her every command aboard her vessel.

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Flirting with Fangs (Halloween) Flirting with Fangs (Halloween)
Flirting with Fangs (Halloween) Flirting with Fangs (Halloween)
Flirting with Fangs (Halloween) Flirting with Fangs (Halloween)
Flirting with Fangs (Halloween) Flirting with Fangs (Halloween)
Flirting with Fangs (Halloween) Flirting with Fangs (Halloween)
Flirting with Fangs (Halloween) Flirting with Fangs (Halloween)

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