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Lord Remmick was a despicable man. The way he treated his wife - and women in general - was disgusting. There was nothing redeemable about him. Lord Helsing - Mason - was infatuated with Charlotte but didn't make his move in time. He did try to warn Charlotte's father against the match between her and Lord Remmick, but Charlotte's father brushed him off. He left London unable to deal with Charlotte's marriage mistake, but returns when he hears she's being mistreated.

As I said, this was a compelling read. The reasons I'm not giving it a higher rating are that 1 some of the dialog didn't seem period to me - I don't think a Lady of the Regency era would ask a man to "sleep" with her. I did like the story and description of London life though, so I will continue with the series. Charlotte and Mason were childhood friends that grew apart as they aged.

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Charlotte marries and later regrets her choice, and she turns to Mason for the love and intimacy she needs. There are several sweet and spicy romantic escapades between Charlotte and Mason. The characters are so well-written they draw you into the story. I commiserated with Charlotte as she endured her husband's actions.

I cheered Mason on as he decided to be there for her no matter what. Charlotte is kind and sweet with an Charlotte and Mason were childhood friends that grew apart as they aged. Charlotte is kind and sweet with an inner strength and adventurous spirit that surprised me. She did what was needed and refused to just exist but reached out for adventure determined to live. Throughout the story I was kept on edge hoping that Mason would triumph and Charlotte would be happy and safe.

I'll admit there were tears and for anyone that's ever watched someone they love go through a bad relationship or marriage you will I instantly identify with this story. Don't miss this story it will pull on all your emotions, and you'll love every minuteI did. Reviewed by Michelle for Cocktails and Books View 1 comment.

Nov 29, J. Aw Charlotte is married to a real bastard of a man, Lord Remmick. Her childhood friend fMason finds out and comes to her rescue but in his pursuit to save her an affair ensues between the two and Charlotte is confused on what to do. Continue on with Mason or stay committed to her marriage. I don't usually read a lot of historical romance but I liked Ms. Gill's writing so much in the Daughter of the Gods series that I purchased more. This was a very sexy Novella, I really liked Mason and Charlotte. She was a very strong woman and I was glad to see her stand up for herself in the end.

What a wonderful story.

My heart went out to Charlotte. Gill's writing is so wonderful that she transports me through time. I love this writer and I can't wait to find out where she takes me in her next book! There was no plot no nothing. Lord Mason Helsing grew up next door to Charlotte King but he waited too long to make his interest known and she married a rake and violent man. A Gentleman's Promise is a sweet romance where Mason promises to always protect Charlotte and he does. The story shows a problem in society when the social ideals of the ton were more important than women in abusive marriages.

This is about Charlotte King, who marries against her better judgment from family pressure and ends up very unhappy. Lord Mason Helsing, had cared for Charlotte in the past and upon returning to London finds her in a terrible marriage and realizes what she means to him. Will they be happy or live by the strictures of society? A great novella! I think this one would have benefited from being a full-length novel.

However, I did like it, the author gave me a different kind of historical romance than I've been reading on every corner, and while the writing was a bit rushed at times, I really enjoyed this. Charlotte is ready to see adventure and finds herself engaged to Lord Remmick after her first season.

Lord Remmick is rumored to be a rouge with a very questionable reputation and principles. Ultimately, Mason is resolved to move on from Charlotte and find himself a wife. Charlotte is unhappy and regrets her hasty decision to marry Lord Remmick. Charlotte meets Mason in town and they soon reconnect and their is an undeniable spark. But the strictures of society complicate their situation. This is the first book by Tamara Gill that I have read and I enjoyed it immensely!

The spark flying between Charlotte and Lord Mason Helsing are hot! Once I started reading, I could not stop! Excellent writing! Cute Cute read to past the time away. Love conquers all they say. Was entertained from beginning to end. Enjoy it. Reading this was painfully reminiscent of reading stories written by third graders. If third graders wrote some porn that is. The dialog is like a bad 50s soap opera.


This story will remain with me for a long time - and in a good way. Tamara Gill uses a topic, domestic violence, and turns the pages back in history to show its existence in Regency England. Miss Charlotte King is beautiful. She has all the advantages of the wealthy--a large home, an attractive dowery, the right education, and her family was connected in the ton. Her first season sees her betrothed to Viscount Reddick, a man rumored for his roguish behavior and questionable principals.

Of course This story will remain with me for a long time - and in a good way. Of course, Miss Charlotte and her family are kept unaware of this reputation. They are swayed by his charm and his handsome appearance, and his title. As soon as her childhood friend, Lord Helsing finds out Miss Charlotte King has become betrothed- even though they have not seen each other in several years-he makes an immediate trip home to see her father.

By chance, he runs into Charlotte at their familiar childhood swimming hole - and realizes that her beauty has only grown. She is gorgeous. Why has it taken her betrothal to bring him home? The day after seeing Charlotte, Mason Helsing makes and appointment and reaches out to Charlotte's father as a family friend to ask him to break the betrothal contracts to Lord Remmick.

He lets him know the rumors of Remmick's questionable behavior are true. Could Mr. King possibly mean to subject Miss Charlotte to a man of such character? But her father is not swayed. He tells Mason Helsing that the contracts will remain. He doesn't believe that his daughter will be mistreated.

Angry and upset about what his friend might face, Mason Helsing leaves Charlotte King's home - just as Lord Reddick arrives - for lunch. Mason decides that he needs to wash his hands of Charlotte King, her upcoming nuptials, and any potential problems. He needs to find a wife of his own.

The reason for that becomes clear two years later. Tamara Gill takes a very delicate topic - domestic violence - and writes a very meaningful novella. Readers like myself are taken through history and given a poignant picture of what a woman facing domestic violence would have gone through- and the options that were or were not available. I appreciated the storyline of this book. This is not something that just started happening in the twenty-first century!

Anyone interested in historical romances will enjoy this book for its brutal honesty. It's a chance to look back and see how things really could have been for women. The characters were well-developed and the story well-written. But when his first love - Emery Reid returns home for Christmas with a giant ring on her finger, Jason is determined to do the right thing for him.

Words: 51, The tweet heard around the world Will Parke had no idea that live tweeting a breakup at school was going to go viral or that Ashton Sommers would suddenly become a laughing stock because of it. And he really didn't know that spending Christmas with her family would change his life forever. Words: 60, Published: November 3, by NightShiftPublishing.

The powerful Duke of Danby is at it again! Published: September 28, by AvaStone1. But when a powerful entity is accidentally released inside the castle walls, all bets are off and the lives of the three gentlemen will never be the same again. Price: Free! Words: 3, Published: August 10, Published: August 1, by Night Shift Publishing. After attending the funeral of an old school friend, five Regency gentlemen make a pact never to marry, convinced it will save them from meeting the same fate.

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A Gentlemans Promise: (Hot Regency Read) (Scandalous Series Book 1) A Gentlemans Promise: (Hot Regency Read) (Scandalous Series Book 1)
A Gentlemans Promise: (Hot Regency Read) (Scandalous Series Book 1) A Gentlemans Promise: (Hot Regency Read) (Scandalous Series Book 1)
A Gentlemans Promise: (Hot Regency Read) (Scandalous Series Book 1) A Gentlemans Promise: (Hot Regency Read) (Scandalous Series Book 1)
A Gentlemans Promise: (Hot Regency Read) (Scandalous Series Book 1) A Gentlemans Promise: (Hot Regency Read) (Scandalous Series Book 1)
A Gentlemans Promise: (Hot Regency Read) (Scandalous Series Book 1) A Gentlemans Promise: (Hot Regency Read) (Scandalous Series Book 1)
A Gentlemans Promise: (Hot Regency Read) (Scandalous Series Book 1) A Gentlemans Promise: (Hot Regency Read) (Scandalous Series Book 1)
A Gentlemans Promise: (Hot Regency Read) (Scandalous Series Book 1) A Gentlemans Promise: (Hot Regency Read) (Scandalous Series Book 1)
A Gentlemans Promise: (Hot Regency Read) (Scandalous Series Book 1) A Gentlemans Promise: (Hot Regency Read) (Scandalous Series Book 1)

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