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He reported at the Philadelphia Inquirer for 20 years and now writes for magazines including the Atlantic and Vanity Fair. Certain that the loss of her mother is somehow connected to the disappearance of Bashir Ahmed, a charming salesman who frequented her childhood home, she is determined to find him. And when life in the village becomes volatile, Shalini is forced to make a series of choices that could hold dangerous repercussions for the very people she has come to love.

The Far Field does both. Between and , 24 men captured the imagination of the world as they voyaged to the moon. Based on extensive research and exclusive interviews, this remains one of the most comprehensive and revealing firsthand accounts of space travel ever assembled.

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In their own words, the astronauts share the sights, sounds, thoughts, fears, hopes and dreams they experienced during their incredible voyages. Updated with a new introduction by the author, For All Mankind is both an extraordinary adventure story and an important historical document. Harry Hurt III is an awardwinning journalist and the author of six non-fiction books. He lives in Sag Harbor, New York. Although some of them, particularly Neil Armstrong, are laconic while others are expansive, the overall effect of these accounts by Buzz Aldrin, Stuart Roosa, Alan Bean and others is high drama.

He lives in New Hampshire. Jay McInerney is the author of eight novels, two short story collections and three books on wine. He lives in New York. For reasons of language and history, the United States has prized its Anglo heritage above all others. However, America has much older Spanish roots — ones that have long been unacknowledged or marginalized.

The Hispanic past of the United States predates the arrival of the Pilgrims by a century and has been every bit as important in shaping the nation as it exists today. El Norte chronicles the sweeping and dramatic history of Hispanic North America from the arrival of the Spanish in the early 16th century to the present. This stirring and eventful work will have a powerful impact on our perception of the United States.

Vivid and thought-provoking. She lives in London. Charles Manson remains a shocking reminder of our own humanity gone awry. This astonishing book lays bare the life and the mind of a man whose acts left us horrified, providing an enormous amount of information about his existence and how it led to the Tate—LaBianca murders. No one who wants to understand that time, and the man who helped to bring it to a horrifying conclusion, can miss reading this book. Nuel Emmons first met Charles Manson briefly when he was imprisoned for auto theft in , and again under similar circumstances in Emmons then began a career as a photojournalist.

In , he contacted Manson and began the extensive interviews that resulted in this book. He died in She will ensure his application is accepted, but in return he must help her investigate an elite university society, the Pitt Club, which has existed for centuries, its long legacy of tradition and privilege largely unquestioned.

Skillfully choreographed. The Club, which won the lit. David is a young boy growing up in a small Southern town in the s. From the opening lines of The Neon Bible, David is fully alive, naive yet sharply observant, drawing us into his world through the sure artistry of John Kennedy Toole. Now, 75 and retired, he feels the world has passed him by, and nothing is simple any more. His children are distant, their unhappiness a mystery.

Only his wife Emily and dog Rufus stand by him. Has he done right by the people he loves? And with time running out, what, realistically, can he hope for? He was born and raised in Pittsburgh, where he lives with his family. Ichiro Kishimi and Fumitake Koga A profound insight into the way we should live our lives that has already sold more than a million copies in Japan. The writers who showed us how to overcome our fears and find our best selves in The Courage to Be Disliked share with us more of their wisdom in The Courage To Be Happy, published now for the first time in English.

With their in-depth knowledge of Adlerian psychology, the pair distil the philosophies that underpin it, presenting in the same accessible fashion the ways in which we can apply its principles to our own lives so that we too may achieve happiness. A thought-provoking read. Ichiro Kishimi lives in Kyoto. He writes, lectures and teaches in psychiatric clinics as a certified counsellor and consultant for the Japanese Society of Adlerian Psychology.


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Fumitake Koga is an awardwinning freelance writer, whose work reflects the deep affection he holds for the conventional wisdom-defying ideas of Adlerian psychology. Vic Marks The much-loved former England player, Guardian cricket correspondent and TMS broadcaster tells the story of his life in cricket for the first time. In this irresistible memoir, Vic Marks returns to the heady days when Richards and Botham were yet to unleash their talents on the world stage.

After the high-octane dramas of Somerset, playing for England was almost an anti-climax for Marks. Vic Marks is a former Somerset and England cricketer, who played in six Tests and 34 oneday internationals. Chrissie loves her London life.

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She loves her loyal clumsy cleaner Melina. For a year. But adjusting to West Country life may take more than she bargained for Raised in the West Country, Lizzie Lovell lives in the seaside town of Dawlish, with two of her three adult children. Edited by Roxane Gay A collection of essays addressing rape, assault and harassment edited by bestselling author Roxane Gay.

Often deeply personal and always unflinchingly honest, this provocative collection addresses what it means to live in a world where women are routinely mocked for speaking out. Jonathan Cranston Charming tales from the life of a young vet, whose clients range from pigs to giraffes. From the preposterous to the poignant, the stories in The Travelling Vet will delight and enthral every animal lover. She lives in Los Angeles. Jonathan Cranston is a veterinary surgeon based in the Cotswolds who has treated over a hundred different species across five continents.

On the verge of 27, Jazzy hatches a plan. Before the year is out, she and her best friends will all have spectacular weddings to rich ang moh Western expat husbands, with Chanel babies the ultimate status symbol to follow. With remarkable vibrancy and empathy, Cheryl Tan brings both her characters and Singapore to dazzling, dizzying life. Vividly told in Singlish, this darkly witty tale is a modernday Emma. She has published a memoir and edited the fiction anthology Singapore Noir.

In her debut novel, Tan is saying something profound and insightful about the place of women in our globalized, capitalized, interconnected world. The Electric Hotel Dominic Smith From bestselling author Dominic Smith comes a radiant novel tracing the intertwined fates of a silent-film director and his muse.

But when a film-history student comes to interview him about The Electric Hotel — the lost masterpiece that bankrupted him and ended the career of his muse, Sabine Montrose — the past comes surging back.

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The first biography of the enigmatic coach who has transformed the fortunes of the England rugby team. In these nine essays, Richard Russo reveals his life as a writer, teacher, friend and reader. After Eddie Jones began coaching England in , the side that limped out of the last World Cup was thoroughly revitalized. Veteran rugby writer Mike Colman brings a rare level of insight to his biography of this singular man.

Richard Russo is the Pulitzer Prizewinning author of Empire Falls and eleven other highly-acclaimed books. He lives in Maine. In Kimberley Motley quit her job as a public defender in Milwaukee to join a US government programme training attorneys in Afghanistan. This fascinating and inspiring memoir highlights the unconventional approach which has helped her to win countless cases.

Kimberley Motley is an American lawyer who has made headlines around the world with her groundbreaking legal work in Afghanistan, where she is the only foreign litigator in the country. She lives between North Carolina and Kabul. Ten Steps to Nanette Hannah Gadsby The highly-anticipated memoir of the Australian comedian who became a global sensation. This hilarious, touching and sometimes tragic book is all about where her fires were lit. Hannah Gadsby is an awardwinning Australian comedian who thinks quickly and moves slowly.

She is sardonic, laconic and, after numerous bonecrunching accidents, bionic. Her droll delivery, delightful wordplay and heartbreakingly funny, selfdeprecating observations have delighted audiences all over the world. Amy Raphael A brilliant, funny and unexpected collection of conversations between famous football fans and their heroes. After visiting refugee camps in Lebanon and seeing kids running around in old football shirts, Amy Raphael and David Morrissey decided to pair famous football fans with their heroes for this book.

A Game of Two Halves shows a different side to some of the biggest names in football, reminding us of the common ground we all share. She lives in Brighton with her daughter. Improvement Joan Silber A bold and piercing novel about a single mother, her eccentric aunt and the decisions they make that have unexpected implications. Joan Silber is the author of eight books of fiction. She lives in New York. Selected speeches from a life of leadership Helen Clark A celebration of an outstanding leader who continues to strive and work for change, and a rallying call to inspire other female leaders.

Drugs, death and destroyed lives Eileen Ormsby is a lawyer, author and freelance journalist based in Melbourne. Taking control of our inevitable journey through ageing and death Ken Hillman A professor of intensive care asks why so many elderly people linger in pain and confusion in ICU when all they want is to die at home in peace and with their loved ones. Set in rural Tasmania from the s to the s, this novel traces the lives of two very different sisters, one for whom giving and loving are her most natural qualities and the other who can never forgive and forget.

Louise Allan is a former doctor who grew up in Tasmania but has since moved to Perth where she lives with her husband, four children and two dogs. A defence of Christianity in troubled times Greg Sheridan At a time of crisis for Christianity in the West, God is Good for You shows just why we need faith in our world. He is active across radio and television, as well as print. A story of love, family, hope and trust set in a small Scottish village, A Room at the Manor will delight every reader keen to find their place in the world.

Julie Shackman is a former journalist. She lives in Scotland with her husband and two teenage sons. Ali Gripper has written features for newspapers and magazines for more than two decades. She worked closely with Dr Ruit for three years to write his life story. John Smailes has worked as a motor racing journalist and PR consultant for more than four decades.

Anne Summers has been prominent in Australian media, politics and feminist activism for the past four decades. She has written eight books, advised governments, been an award-winning journalist, edited magazines — in Australia and in New York — led the international environmental organisation Greenpeace and even had her image on a postage stamp. Royalties go to the NZ Rugby Foundation. The New Zealand Rugby Foundation is a charity set up in It focuses on supporting catastrophically injured rugby players financially and emotionally,and working with New Zealand Rugby NZR to communicate the message of safety first.

She holds a Masters degree in English Literature. She now lives in Melbourne where she teaches English as a foreign language. The complete story of the miraculous rescue of the Wild Boars soccer team boys and their coach in Tham Luang cave in northern Thailand in July James Massola is an award-winning journalist. He was on the ground at Tham Luang cave for the rescue operation. Barry Stone is a journalist and travel writer. Instead it roused the law-abiding citizens of Griffith to fight against the powerful criminal elements who had made their town synonymous with drugs and murder.

He is co-author with Clive Small of several true crime books. His diaries form the basis of this book. Tanya Hennessy is a radio announcer, comedian and TV presenter and content creator. The ridiculously wonderful world of onomatopoeia Barbara Lasserre Barbara Lasserre brings the neglected world of onomatopoeia to life in this witty little gem of a book which will delight language lovers.

She lived for 10 years in France, has lectured at the University of Port Harcourt in Nigeria, and has also lived in Syria and studied Arabic. How cryptic crosswords can improve your memory and boost the power and agility of your brain David Astle Master wordsmith and crossword guru David Astle shows how cryptic crosswords can boost your brain power and improve your memory and cognitive capacity.

David Astle is a full-time word nerd, working as a crossword maker, a columnist and an author. The extraordinary true story of the First Fleet girl who became First Lady of the colony Jessica North The little-known rags to riches love story of a convict girl who arrived in Australia on the First Fleet.

Dr Emma Adams is a psychiatrist specialising in the wellbeing of mothers and babies. A brilliant memoir about how learning the piano shaped the lives of two women worlds and generations apart that will resonate with music lovers everywhere. She lives in Sydney and works in publishing. Set in Sydney in the s, this is an offbeat and beguiling novel about finding your own happiness. Sally Seltmann is an Australian singer-songwriter. Export Key Editions Exclusively for export markets, the following section contains details of titles with early publication dates, and Open Market editions. Ireland Gill Hess Ltd.

Floarea-Soarelui, nr. Wilson Robbie Arnott Delightful and profound, Aftershocks is both a wholly original love story and an interrogation of humanity. Adventures at the Edge of Consciousness James Kingsland A groundbreaking new theory of neuroscience, informed by a mind-bending journey through the world of mindfulness, dreams, hallucinations and hypnosis. Larrie D. This cheeky but nostalgic look at the history of board games is the perfect Christmas gift. A perfect holiday read. She lives in Bristol with her daughter and husband. Mr Moose should be with his brother Monty, but absent-minded Monty has got on the wrong plane.

As they travel the world, Mr Moose helps Mr Brown with his fashion range, suggesting some very interesting garments — parkas for penguins, sneakers for cheetahs, scarves for giraffes. As they fit out an Alaskan bear for snow-shoes Mr Brown has an idea … It all ends with a happy reunion at a big catwalk moosewalk? September Debut of the Month Jo is the kind of open, honest, amusing character readers immediately care about. Thank goodness, then, that she forms a friendship with fellow outcast, Tina the Goth, who stands up to racist school bullies.

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The story is narrated by Frank and every reader will understand his frustration at the unfairness of life. We know that he loves Max, but we know too how hard Max makes life for all the family. Frank is then faced with something even more terrible when tragedy strikes. With the help of those around him we watch Frank find a way to make sense of what has happened and the bravery to cope with the different world. If they like Wonder by R. Palacio they'll love The Space We're In. With or without a costume on.

There are leg warmers for the dance school, eggs and flour for the pie shop, and new wheels for the garage. A lovely book for pre-schoolers. July Debut of the Month Often lyrical, and always entertaining, this Norse-vibed YA debut has friendship, fear and coming-of-age conundrums at its heart. It tells the tale of a land ransacked by a civil war that saw a new religion and younger prince replace a brutal old regime. Some nine years later, in peacetime, friends Torny and Ebba remember nothing of the war, or life before the uprising.

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But with their land on the brink of fresh upheaval, the unforgettable female protagonists find themselves on separate tracks, with painful, testing, relentless repercussions. With a cast of characters that includes gods and spirits, shamans and magic-workers, the world-building is fabulous, and the dual narrative device it alternates between Torny and Ebba really adds to the drama and tension. Fantasy fans will be delighted to hear that a sequel is on its way. July Debut of the Month Caterpillar Summer is one of those apparently quiet books that actually have a huge and lasting impact on readers.

Cat feels the weight of responsibility to help and in particular to look after her little brother who is autistic. Living with Lily and Macon by the beach, Cat finds time to make friends and with her grandma taking care of Chicken, to think about what she needs. The story is beautifully told, the landscapes both interior and exterior, perfectly described and it manages to be authentic and hopeful.

Future Perfect (Kirsty Clark Books Book 2) Future Perfect (Kirsty Clark Books Book 2)
Future Perfect (Kirsty Clark Books Book 2) Future Perfect (Kirsty Clark Books Book 2)
Future Perfect (Kirsty Clark Books Book 2) Future Perfect (Kirsty Clark Books Book 2)
Future Perfect (Kirsty Clark Books Book 2) Future Perfect (Kirsty Clark Books Book 2)
Future Perfect (Kirsty Clark Books Book 2) Future Perfect (Kirsty Clark Books Book 2)

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