Chasing Butterflies

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After a long chase past the pond, over the hill and through the forest, Nova catches it literally by accident.

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Zoe Sadler is clearly a very talented illustrator as well as writer. The pictures are alive with detail and humorous touches — quite a lot of the story is told visually watch the cat! Chasing Butterflies is ideal summer reading!

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Buy the book here. Her picture book Go To Sleep!

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It was also awarded the prestigious Kirkus Star. She has won several prizes for poetry, and her future projects include a collection of poems for children. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. As we gained elevation, we stopped more frequently. On one of these breaks, I caught the first flicker of orange out of the corner of my eye. As we continued to climb, butterflies began to appear in waves — half a dozen, a dozen, two dozen — stoking our anticipation until we ascended the last ridge at noon and entered a clearing.

There, we saw hundreds of monarchs cresting the summit, their wings ablaze in the midday sun.

Chasing Butterflies

Following a narrow ridge trail into a steep valley, we looked down to see the epicentre of the grove, a group of 20 or so firs, animated by the wings of thousands of butterflies clinging to their branches. There was a total hush, nothing but the flutter of butterfly wings punctuated every so often by the tentative clicking of tourist cameras behind us.

As the forest absorbed the heat of the day, the monarchs became energized, rising from their roost into the afternoon sun in a single flaming mass. I had the sense of a concentric narrative, one which encompassed our own human movements and motives. Our trip, like the monarch migration, had many beginnings and endings, which it now seemed were just revolutions in the same cycle. The restless butterflies would soon embark on their journey north. Perhaps next summer, back in Canada, we would see one of their descendants alighting on a milkweed plant.

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Chasing Butterflies

Connecting the past and present. A wealth of lifetime experiences in polar travel await you. Four decades later, we retraced their journey. By Fiona McGlynn. August 13, Photo: Jean-Pascal Remon. Family photo. Robin Urquhart at the site of his grandparent's discovery, 41 years later. Fiona McGlynn recently sailed from Canada to Mexico to Australia in a foot boat with her husband Robin, and now calls the North home. She writes from her cabin in Atlin, B. Share this page. Topics About Can Geo.

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Chasing Butterflies

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Chasing Butterflies Chasing Butterflies
Chasing Butterflies Chasing Butterflies
Chasing Butterflies Chasing Butterflies
Chasing Butterflies Chasing Butterflies
Chasing Butterflies Chasing Butterflies
Chasing Butterflies Chasing Butterflies

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