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In quietness and confidence is your strength. In the quiet In quiet confidence In quiet confident trust You will find strength New strength Overcoming strength Strength that overcomes weakness Strength that overcomes weariness Strength that never fails. In returning to rest And in quiet confident trust You will be saved You will be strong You will be whole.


But if we disobey God, as the people of Israel did, we will fall. Rest is a big deal. Not physical rest—although that is important too—but spiritual rest.

In Quietness and Confidence

Rest from striving. Rest from works. Rest from our ongoing desire to prove ourselves to God and to others. God wants us to prove Him. Rest is the cornerstone of trust. When we trust, we rest. Far from it! You work from rest. You war from rest. You live from rest.

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Most importantly, you love from rest—from a place of security, confidence, and trust. Return and run back into His open arms. Run back into His love. Run back to the place where He is your confidence; where He is your strength. Be silent and stop your striving and you will see that I am God. No matter how dark your circumstances may be… No matter how anxious or confused or weary or hopeless you may feel… You can still return. Amen and amen! Rest starts with putting God in the center instead of us.

In Quietness and in Confidence (Isaiah 30:15) Bulletins, 100

And, as you said, when we lose our way and forget these things, we can return to rest. His mercies are new every morning. Ahhh…good word, Cindy! Home In Quietness and Confidence.

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Takes men on a spiritual hike through the rugged terrain of today's challenges. Add to Wishlist Email to a Friend. Details What kind of book can you buy a man? One that treats him like a man and gets through to his innermost being. In this day devotional, David Roper takes men on a spiritual hike through the rugged terrain of issues males face every day—things like purity, courage, legacy, and love. Quoting everyone from Lord Byron to Winnie the Pooh, In Quietness and Confidence is filled with humour, wisdom, and personal challenges on every page.

With In Quietness and Confidence, David Roper takes you to that quiet place and shares the inspirations he's received. Email required.

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      In Quietness & Confidence In Quietness & Confidence
      In Quietness & Confidence In Quietness & Confidence
      In Quietness & Confidence In Quietness & Confidence
      In Quietness & Confidence In Quietness & Confidence
      In Quietness & Confidence In Quietness & Confidence
      In Quietness & Confidence In Quietness & Confidence

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