The Demon Inside Me

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Ever find it hard to be selfless?

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Well, it's when you're forced to choose between yourself and others that your demon shines through It's the Demon of Sorrow that haunts your soul. Forever sucking out any happiness or love from your life. Ever wondered why you always feel so low? Well, now you know why. It's the Demon of Vanity that lurks behind the shadows of your soul.

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Whenever you try to be modest, it's your demon that makes it hard for you to resist bosting and praising over your own evil beauty. It's the Demon of Anger whose been haunting you all this time.

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All it takes is a little sly comment from someone and your demon shines through. Anger issues? That's an understatement!

What Demon Is Living In Your Soul?

It's the Demon of Love that haunts your soul, making it hard for you to let people go. Your demon shines through, making it hard for you to realise that you have a life too. Your world shouldn't have to revolve around someone else. Ever wondered which demon lurks behind the shadows of your life?

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Haunting you from the dark side? Press let's play to find out! For those interested, this song will be featured in the pilot episode of the online web series called Hazbin Hotel. The show is expected to premiere in , and the best way to support it would be directly through Patreon.

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If someone want to color the Henrys, go ahead! Abel the rebel angel… Axel the fallen Angel… Two creations with two different live.

Your creators trying to hurt and save them for the sake of their lives. Joshua has some explaining to do. This is a special project from me to the-vampire-inside-me And I hope we have more things like this with Abel and Axel. JavaScript is required to view this site. Log in Sign up.

The Demon Inside Me: I by Ky Alfons

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The Demon Inside Me The Demon Inside Me
The Demon Inside Me The Demon Inside Me
The Demon Inside Me The Demon Inside Me
The Demon Inside Me The Demon Inside Me
The Demon Inside Me The Demon Inside Me

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