Survival Investing with Gold & Silver

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You can also invest in a self-directed precious metals IRA. Silver, gold, platinum, and copper comprise SDBullion. They also sell lead bullion in the form of ammo as well as vaults, survival food, and herbal medicine. Texas Precious Metals offers several unique features, including the ability to sign up for limit orders. You can automatically place a standing order if gold or silver reaches your desired value.

Is There a Kiwisaver Gold Fund or Gold Investment Option?

Another perk is that all orders ship for free using UPS Next Day Air and all orders ship within three business days of payment. The website offers a curated selection of gold coins, gold bars, silver coins, and silver bars, as well as pre gold. Golden Eagle Coin is a place for investors and collectors alike. Prices vary moment by moment because they are based on the commodities exchange, so their site is a great place to go if you are researching when to buy. Also, be sure to check out their bi-monthly blog for new items and savings.

Silver coins and silver bullion also discussed

They deal exclusively in physical bullion and ship gold or silver directly to your door or within an IRA account. They have a physical office moments away from LAX. They have always passed their savings on to their customers. Monarch Precious Metals is a newer company that was established in to help with the huge public demand for gold bullion. They only use quality metals, so anything you buy from them will be. Another perk is that they triple check the weight of every bar they ship. If it is ever underweight, they re-melt it.

Everything is custom hand poured and marked in the old way, giving their metals a unique, old-fashioned look. They accept all methods of payment except Paypal, and every order is properly insured.

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No worries. Nothing they sell has ever been in public circulation.


They can help you set up an IRA for your physical metals. Its president, Bill Haynes, considers it his responsibility to educate the public about the dangers and benefits of buying gold and silver. On his blog, he regularly updates his audience on all of the world factors affecting the prices of metals, and so is an excellent resource when determining to buy. With solid prices, IRAs, and a plethora of educational material to read, CMI should be a website you routinely check if you are a serious investor.

They are one of the largest coin and bullion dealers in the US and sell just about every type of US coin ever made, as well as a large selection of mints from other countries, such as China, Mexico, and Canada. Each type has its own pros and cons, so you might focus on one kind that you prefer, or create a diverse mix of different kinds of precious metals. Typically, you can buy this precious metal either in the form of bullion or junk silver. Making the right decision on the gold and silver you invest in could mean the difference between life and death when the economic collapse takes place.

But there are some important steps that you should take before you jump headfirst into the process. Gold and silver are considered to be stable and reliable sources of value, as they do not fluctuate with the changes in the market. Their worth is only determined by the supply and demand for it at any given time, but otherwise, these precious metals are rarely devalued.

These metals are also known to last for a very long time, especially if stored properly, so they cannot depreciate in value either.

Gold Investing as a Survival Strategy – Don’t Buy the Hype!

David Dawson is a retired security specialist with over 20 years of experience. He worked for a secret manufacturing facilities and hospitals in Illinois. David's responsibility was to protect people in case of any disaster or cataclysm that might occur. Now he keeps on doing it through teaching others about how to prepare and survive flood, earthquake or even war.

Written by David Dawson. Silver or Gold? What to Buy Not sure what kind of gold and silver you should be getting? Here are the differences and nuances of each type that you should be aware of.

Does your gold have to be reported?

Bullion : these are available in the market in two forms, numismatic and plain. Numismatic bullion are actually coins, and are popular in the realm of coin collectors. Available in both gold and silver, their value is determined by the rarity of the coin, the issue date, the mint where it was produced, and the current condition of the coin.

What makes bullion a good investment, however, is that it is a recognized unit of weight, so you know exactly how much gold or silver is in each bullion. Bars : although a gold bar may look impressive, it may not be practical. There is one advantage, however. When purchasing bars, you pay smaller premiums per ounce, so you do get more for your money in the long run. When the Federal Reserve got inflation under control in the s, much of the gold and silver bought in the s was sold and the proceeds put back in paper investments.

Investors who buy for survival purposes fear the worst. Those fears include the Federal Reserve printing so many dollars that the dollar will become worthless, which is the history of all paper currencies not redeemable in gold or silver. Fear of a financial meltdown, which would close banks as in Argentina and Paraguay in , is another. Argentineans and Paraguayans who had to foresight to bailout of the banking systems and covert their assets to gold or silver were protected.

Not only did banks close, but also when they reopened depositors were limited to the amount of money they could withdraw. Meanwhile, the Argentinean peso and the Paraguayan guarani sank in value. Shortly after those crises, Brazil defaulted on its international debt and its real sank.

Those are the kinds of situations that investors who buy for survival purposes want to protect against.

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In doing so, these investors buy gold and silver in forms that can be used for money or to barter for goods and services. The best forms of silver for survival purposes are pre U. But, before going forward, it is imperative that we discuss which coins to avoid. That is because hundreds of web pages promote numismatic and collector coins, as well as foreign coins. Such coins are simply wrong for survival purposes. If the time ever comes that gold and silver coins were again used as money, coins would be worth only their metal content. Numismatic collector premiums would disappear.

Anyone using gold or silver coins to buy goods or services would not be asked, "What's the mint mark on your coin? Gaudens and tell him it contains. Numismatic premiums are fleeting in normal markets.

Survival Investing with Gold & Silver Survival Investing with Gold & Silver
Survival Investing with Gold & Silver Survival Investing with Gold & Silver
Survival Investing with Gold & Silver Survival Investing with Gold & Silver
Survival Investing with Gold & Silver Survival Investing with Gold & Silver
Survival Investing with Gold & Silver Survival Investing with Gold & Silver
Survival Investing with Gold & Silver Survival Investing with Gold & Silver
Survival Investing with Gold & Silver Survival Investing with Gold & Silver

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