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The question on the minds of many is whether al Qaeda will be able to capitalize upon the moment and reclaim the dominant position as the most capable Sunni jihadist terrorist organization. Given the increasing number of ISIS foreign fighters seeking re-entry into the UK, a better understanding of deradicalisation programs is essential. More robust and transparent evaluation processes for intervention programmes should be implemented before confidence in their effectiveness can be established.

President Trump's decision to withdraw U. And Assad could feel emboldened to act with greater impunity and brutality. Washington's strategy in Syria has been to impose costs on the Syrian government by diplomatic ostracism and economic sanctions. This punitive approach is morally satisfying and politically expedient, but as a practical matter it just helps perpetuate the conflict and sustain Assad's dependency on Iran.

President Trump's decision to withdraw American troops from Syria may be unintentionally signaling that the United States is unwilling to compete in critical geopolitical hotspots. Such a message could embolden powerful states—including Iran—to expand their presence.

Relying on Turkey to shoulder the burden of countering the Islamic State will provide the terrorist group with an opportunity to revive itself at a critical stage in the fight. Turkey's main focus is on the Kurds and Erdogan's opposition.

Sinjar still relives horrors of ISIS massacre

Eradicating the Islamic State is a secondary priority that has often been ignored. RAND experts publish hundreds of pieces of RAND Blog commentary every year, weighing in on pressing policy questions, breaking down current events, and untangling complex trends.

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To look back on some of the policy stories that defined the year, we've rounded up the RAND Blog pieces that resonated most with rand. RAND research yields findings that run the gamut of potential applications and promising policy solutions.

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Here, we highlight three of 's most captivating videos featuring RAND research and its potential to inform policy. Report U. Brown, Michael A. Byman, Daniel Campbell, Jason H. Cohen, Raphael S. Culbertson, Shelly Davis, Lynn E. Gompert, David C. Hoehn, Andrew R. Jones, Gregory S. Jones, Seth G. Jung, Danielle F. Riley, K.

Why Counterterrorism Won’t Stop ISIS

Robinson, Linda Rothenberg, Alexander D. Serena, Chad C. Shapiro, Jacob N. Shatz, Howard J. Shlapak, David A. Thaler, David E.

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Williams, Kayla M. Willis, Henry H. Yayla, Ahmet S.

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Young, William Zeigler, Sean M. Zimmerman, S.

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Sep 23, Sep 16, Sep 5, Aug 22, News Release. Aug 8, The year-old left a plush middle class life to join ISIS in Syria, but was captured by Kurdish forces as the terrorist caliphate collapsed. His mother, Sally Lane, spoke to the Mail On Sunday and pleaded for him to be allowed to return and face trial in this country. Organic farmer John, 58, added: "It's very difficult to see a photo of the son you love, and took care of for 18 years, sleeping half-naked on a concrete floor crammed in a room with so many others, equally emaciated and suffering.

Letts — still a citizen of Canada, where his father John comes from — fled to the so-called caliphate in but denies being a fighter. He escaped from the de facto capital Raqqa in May and since then he has been held at the prison. He has called on Britain to relieve the burden placed on the Kurds - who had "done most of the dying in achieving victory over ISIS" - by taking back UK-born fighters.

The rise of ISIS, explained in 6 minutes

The British Government should be taking responsibility for our nationals, not removing citizenship from them. Mr Blunt said: "The British Government should be taking responsibility for our nationals, not removing citizenship from them. But a Home Office source said: "Jihadi Jack signed up to join people who hate this country, hate our beliefs and hate our way of life. Kurdis forces are believed to be holding as many as 60 British ISIS recruits - split evenly between male and female - in northern Syria.

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