The Law of the New Thought

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New Thought is closely related to Christian Science both philosophically and historically. Christian Science is centered more around organized doctrine and scripture. New Thought is sometimes considered a more practical, or universal spirituality, in that it understands the inter-connectedness of all beings and promotes fullness of all aspects of living.

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Meditation, affirmative prayer and positive thinking are all important aspects for living a harmonious or more spiritually centered life. New Thought honors and respects all people of all faiths, cultures, creeds, and races. They believe spiritual equity and human rights belong to everyone, and that the presence of God is within all people, places and things.

New Thought

New Thought honors the divinity and wisdom found in each religion and spiritual tradition. There are many ways to realizing the prsence of God in one's life. Some refer to God as the Divine, or Great Spirit but regardless of the name, the Divine remains changeless and constant.

The name you choose to call God changes you, not God. Alethea Small. These three women, with Mrs. Malinda Cramer, founded the Divine Science Churches. He went on to found the School of Religious Science. Thomas Troward was the other tap-root of New Thought. A devout churchman, and a student of all religions, he formulated a philosophy that explained a creative mental process. He lectured on this "Mental Science" to use his term, and presented a concept that was later described by the American philosopher, William James, as, "far and away the ablest statement of the philosophy I have met, beautiful in its sustained clearness of thought and style.

These two, Phineas P.

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Quimby and judge Thomas Troward, are the tap-roots of New Thought; and Emerson provided the climate for growth. Ralph Waldo Emerson was a Transcendentalist Unitarian Minister , widely known and idealized for his writings of literary excellence. The literary content of his writings was well received although his ideas were not universally accepted in the religious climate of that period.

They did, however, open people's minds to new ideas. Troward's idea and philosophy was brought to America, initially, by Dr. Harry Gaze, and later his friend, Emmet Fox. As many as six thousand would flock to hear Fox's bi-weekly services in New York. His books are still widely distributed and read by many denominations within and without the "New Thought" umbrella. It was from the mid's, then, that this school of thought and religion has spread throughout the modern world.

The philosophy has been helped to cross denominational barriers by such leaders as Norman Vincent Peale and Robert Schuller and their concepts of the "Power of Positive Thinking. The New Thought message, then, being presented today is a composite message, based on bible truths, complemented by the laws of science, the opinions of philosophy, and the wisdom found in all living religions, providing you with an understanding of your place in the cosmic scheme of things in this universe.

Albert Grier , a former Universalist minister, having received healing from reading and assimilating New Thought philosophy through literature, was instrumental in founding the Churches of The Truth , espousing this "Truth that sets men free. We have no doctrine or dogma as presented by other churches.

New Thought teachings do not assume that there is any finality in the discovery of Truth, It is an eternal, ongoing process in every individual.

The Law of the New Thought: A Study of Fundamental Principles and Their Application

It teaches; and expects continuous revelation for all of humanity. Our purpose is not to point the way for you to go, but rather to walk with you on the path of discovery of yourself, and discovery of your relationship to God. We may appear somewhat dogmatic, in some basic concepts such as:. God is an intelligence and a presence: not a person, but a principle. In the Beginning, God In the smallest particle of one atom there is controlled activity and space relationship. Multiply this by the atoms in the ocean, the sands of the desert and in all living things and you then have some idea of the infinite law and order in the universe maintained and controlled by this infinite intelligence that we call God.

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We are made in God's image and likeness. We are like the drops of water to the ocean; it is ocean, but it is not the ocean, yet it contains all the elements of the ocean. We are all created by the One Creator. God did not choose any particular race, creed or color: we choose God. We choose God in our thoughts for there can be no separation from God except in our own thinking. Man is the highest expression of God, and Jesus amongst others was an example of this expression. His mission was one of love and to establish our personal relationship to the Creator. He was the example, and not the exception.

This is the universal God Presence saying, "Lo, I am with you always. We realize that the bible is a record of the emancipation of humanity. Every bible should have stamped on its cover, "This is me," for there we are portrayed in every person, in every state of consciousness, and in all the evolutionary concepts of God.

Our nature is presented there. It is stated that the Bible is the divinely inspired word of God, and this is true; however, Divine inspiration did not cease thousands of years ago. Divine inspiration and revelation is an ongoing thing. The bible has survived the centuries and has provided a catalyst for western religious thought as many other works by the wisdom traditions of humanity have done for other parts of our world.

It does present a literal meaning, a moral meaning, and a spiritual meaning. It is the spiritual meaning that has given it timelessness. The esoteric or spiritual meaning is what we try to discover and employ in our teaching and our daily living. We, having been made in the nature Iimage and likeness of God, are then co-creators with God.

This does not mean to say that we create something out of nothing, but by means of this creative mental process used by God in His creation, and we, in our thought patterns, give form to that which already is, in the unformed state. Everything begins with an idea. Divine mind, working through the subconscious phase of mind, produces the effect.

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This is the trinity manifesting through all that is created. There are analogies that perhaps illustrate this: spirit, mind, and body; idea, cause and effect; seed, garden and produce; computer input, data process, and print out. It is self-evident in our lives that that on which we focus all our thoughts or attention comes into being. If we maintain a positive approach to life, then positive things happen in turn. Conversely, if we dwell on the negative, the universe produces that in our experience.

We, by our conscious thought, produce the molds for the substance of the universe to take shape. That which we totally accept in our thinking materializes in life. This is a further realization that "it is done unto you as you have believed. God is Mind or Intelligence. This Mind or Intelligence is behind all creation. This Mind works through thought, and thought expresses as word, and the word becomes flesh substance.

It can be seen, then, that this creative law of cause and effect produces in experience man's mental states. To put it another way, that which we mentally conceive, believe in, and confidently expect, must become our experience. We believe in, teach, and encourage, practice of Spiritual Mind Treatment. This is what is termed scientific prayer, as opposed to the idea of prayer of supplication, a begging or beseeching some Divine entity outside of ourselves. We feel that we are uniting with, and complying with, the laws of the universe when we "treat"; that is, visualize, mentally accept and positively anticipate desired results.

We are as the ray is to the sun; it is sun, but not the sun.

The Law of the New Thought The Law of the New Thought
The Law of the New Thought The Law of the New Thought
The Law of the New Thought The Law of the New Thought
The Law of the New Thought The Law of the New Thought
The Law of the New Thought The Law of the New Thought
The Law of the New Thought The Law of the New Thought
The Law of the New Thought The Law of the New Thought
The Law of the New Thought The Law of the New Thought

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